Some damage cannot be fixed. 

Love. Faith. Honor. Trust. Devotion. Sounds like tenets to live by, but at Pinnacle University, they are the kings who rule all.

Five men. Five of the wealthiest successors known to man. Five cruel minds who see the world as their plaything. And me? I made the mistake of telling them no. 

No, I wouldn’t be theirs. 
No, I didn’t care about money. 
No, they’d never break me. 

So I’ve been enrolled in their school, in their kingdom, and I’m their pet. Meant to be used. Meant to be controlled. Meant to be damaged. 

I won’t be destroyed. Not by them, not by anyone. And by the end of this, we’ll all be left irrepairable. 

Note from the authors: This is a dark reverse harem college bully romance. This is not your typical academy romance. No school walls can contain this darkness. Welcome to the Pinnacle Group Estate. If you’re looking for the light, turn away now.

Whispers in the Dark

“When LeTeisha Newton writes dark, she goes dark. I had no idea where this story was going and boy am I glad I held on for the bumpy ride. My advice, don’t stop. 5 haunting stars for Whispers in the Dark. “
Aleatha Romig, NYT bestselling author


“…this brilliant author destroyed any/all boxes that other cookie cutter “dark romance” come out of. I cannot lie, I will be reading more of her work, and to all who are brave enough, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this twisted tale that will engulf all!” – Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers 

Going Under

This MC book was unlike any other I’ve read, and I love my dirty talking, rough, foul mouth bikers and the sassy women that stand by their sides. – Jackie from Fire and Ice Book Reviews

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