Alejandra Perez wants nothing more than to continue writing her Hear Me Roar blog posts and educate today’s women on standing firm, loving their bodies—all curves included—and understanding that love isn’t always necessary. She’s had her own rash of bad luck in that department and she wants others to know love doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all. When a visitor on the blog dares Ally to see Gerri Wilder of Paranormal Dating Agency to find a date and love, she decides to document the process on her blog. What a perfect way to prove what she’s been saying all along!

Deni and Rich have always been connected in life and individually haven’t been able to find a mate. The two decide it’s because they need one woman who can understand the unique way they are bonded and give their dilemma over to Gerri to find them a mate. The catch? She has to be strong enough to wrangle their bear sides fighting for supremacy over their clan—an issue that puts strain on their friendship and leaves them feeling broken, not to mention it sends the clan into civil war.

Deni and Rich are determined to show Alejandra she’s perfect for them. Failure is not an option, and all is fair in love and mating.

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