“A good book will provide an escape. A great book will hold you prisoner, only letting go when you’ve consumed all there is of it. An incredible book will remain a part of you long after you’ve finished, and make you think. A life-changing book will leave you better off than you were before you’d read it, having made you face uncomfortable realities and/or appreciate other perceptions. But LeTeisha Newton’s books? They do all of that and more for survivors of abuse. Newton’s writing has the power to pave the mental road to freedom from self loathing and self-blame. Real, raw, and soul-altering.” ~Lacie R. 

Scientist meets passion …

Fabiana was never who she wanted to be. In fact, she doesn’t know who that woman is. A vixen? The broken child? A mixture of the two? All she remembers is what her father forced on her: her only place was a malleable puppet on the arm of a strong male.

Until the ultimate Alpha decides to make his play …

Adonis is a god among wolves and one of the most powerful men in Encantado—they just don’t know it. His pack keeps to their own and deals in avenues many wouldn’t dare touch, and he’s tired of ruling alone.

Then he sees her.

The broken princess who needs her crown fixed …

He will put her back together piece by piece. He will help her find the deadly power within, the sultry appeal she has, and the intelligence to take someone’s breath away. She is everything he’s ever wanted, and he is going to make sure she knows it.

Encantado is starting to draw the line, and there is no stopping it … no matter the danger still to come.

NOTE: Portal City Protectors is a paranormal romance series with Mafia elements, Alpha Shifters, Wolves, Mages, Witches, Fae (Unseelie and Seelie), Norns, and Dragons, oh my! Get ready to devour these books using the reading order below.

Mated to the Capo – Dominic and Zoey

Mated to the Enforcer – Romano and Kalinda

Mated to the Prince – Pasquale and Giuliana

Fated to the Traitor – Heath and Asherah

Mated to the Chaos – Carlo and Nanshe


“Irrepairable was written flawlessly by this dynamic duo. I loved that it was unlike anything I’ve ever read. It was brilliant. Seductive. Engaging. Each broken character truly was dynamic and deep, and the plot as a whole kept me engaged. I loved each layer and the multidimensional characters. Five amazing stars.”
~CoraLee June, Bestselling author of The Void

Whispers in the Dark

“When LeTeisha Newton writes dark, she goes dark. I had no idea where this story was going and boy am I glad I held on for the bumpy ride. My advice, don’t stop. 5 haunting stars for Whispers in the Dark. “
Aleatha Romig, NYT bestselling author


“…this brilliant author destroyed any/all boxes that other cookie cutter “dark romance” come out of. I cannot lie, I will be reading more of her work, and to all who are brave enough, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND this twisted tale that will engulf all!” – Jennifer Pierson: The Power of Three Readers 

Going Under

This MC book was unlike any other I’ve read, and I love my dirty talking, rough, foul mouth bikers and the sassy women that stand by their sides. – Jackie from Fire and Ice Book Reviews

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