So, I’m competing in the So You Think You Can Write 2013 contest hosted by Harlequin. I am so very excited to be a part of this. I’m competing with my MS Immortal Need for the Nocturne line! I have to submit the first chapter of the MS and then give my 100 word pitch. I wanted to share this with everyone and see what they thought.

Here goes:

Ayah Miller wants nothing more than rest after burying her father. An immortal appearing in her bedroom and telling her someone is trying to kill her has ‘sleeping’ the last thing on her mind. Sevani, a Watcher for the goddess Freya, is a tortured man who killed his wife in a jealous rage and doesn’t believe in love. Tasked to kill the woman he’s falling for, Sevani can’t do it. Ayah doesn’t think he wants her as much as his wife’s soul she carries. Together they must defeat a goddess if their love is to survive…or die trying.


What do you think? Let me know  🙂

As always, happy reading and writing!

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