1. Texas -Yeah, I’m a native Texan so of course I love my state. There is nothing better than a cowboy, open space, the night sky, and a horse under you!

2. Hideki – He’s been my rock for years, and I appreciate his unending support in anything I do.

3. Sonja – She’s a firecracker who I have grown to love more than my next breath. My mates provide me with everything I could ever need.

4. South Texas Clan – My family is growing larger every day. We are strong, and close. We may have had some hard knocks but we are surviving!

5. My cub – I won’t give you many details…you’ll have to read the book…but I am prouder than ever to be his father.

6. Love – I know that seems cliché, but It is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

7. The Zealots (Hunters) – I know, that sounds crazy, but their actions actually cemented the bond between me, Hideki, and Sonja. So thanks, idiots.

8. My life – Again, can’t give you too many details, but I’m happy to be breathing!

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