So you say that you are here forever,

That is fine, I let the untruth stand for now,

Who am I to argue that there is no forever?

Tomorrow is barely here yet,

And your heart is already weak.

I know so very clearly that I am not easy to love.

I know that you shall not love me as I love you.

That is ok, you are leaving today anyway.

So you say you don’t want to.

That’s fine, the door has already closed behind you.

I don’t need to walk away from you to be gone.

The light can fade from my eyes,

My heart closed off from you,

My body unwelcoming of yours.

I could lie under you and be miles away…

I have already done so, didn’t you know?

So you say you will fight for me.

That’s fine, you have already lost,

Fought your own mind and limped away,

I did not expect for there to be much heat.

I know your heart was faulty at the first.

And why shouldn’t it be, to love me is to have fault.

Why would you love one who is so…much?

One who is too intense, too emotional…too everything?

Love one who is so weak/strong, beautiful/ugly?

So you say you love me despite it,

That’s fine, I already know you lie.

And why would you not?

The package is pretty enough at first glance,

The ease of conversation great to have,

Who else would you have that with?

Many others I am happy to tell you.

You will survive without me, you haven’t been with me.

So you say that I am your love,

That’s fine, we both know that for the stupidity that is.

We may fool each other for the few months we can,

For the times we scream each others name in the darkness,

Where friendship and lust has been twisted into love and need.

We needed it at the time.

Do not morn the loss of something that meant nothing in the first place.

Say hello for the next, I was the step to she.

So you say, so you say,

But in the end only the actions mattered did they not?

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