The Weathermen 1
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When Harper Mathews gets drunk with a friend and hacks into her boss’s personal accounts, Arturo (Ace) Charles Easton gives her a choice. Work as part of his secret hacking team, searching for clues to the people who infiltrated a weather control program, or face unemployment and jail.

But working as part of this team isn’t all that Ace demands from Harper. He also expects her in his bed, when he wants her there, how he decides to make love to her, and for as long as he desires.

Ace is part of a group of friends financing the efforts to put a stop to The Madeline Project. These men have power, resources, and money, but they’re as ruthless and possessive as the storms ravaging Earth.

They call themselves the Weathermen…


“It’s breathtaking, Ace. Truly.” The room smelled like him, and she inhaled deeply, letting the scent fill her head. There was an electric fireplace on one wall, already lit, and she caught sight of a mini bar on another wall. He’d thought of everything for this room. It was the ultimate seduction space.

She turned to face him. “Maybe we should talk about the other conditions now?”

He took her lemonade and placed the glass on a table, where Harper watched it start to leave a water ring. But he either didn’t care or didn’t notice as he put his wine glass next to it. Then he sighed once, and placed one hand on each shoulder. His touch sent tiny shivers down her spine, and she knew it would be impossible to say no to him.

No other man had ever affected her this way. She’d spent a year both despising him for that, and fantasizing about this, right here and now. Being in his bedroom, about to have sex with him. But at what price? To become another notch in his belt?

That’s not what she wanted. But Harper knew as she stared into his dark eyes, waiting for him to speak, that Ace wanted nothing more than that. Not from any woman. He’d made that perfectly clear. So if she did do this, at least she could tell herself she’d known exactly what she was getting into. If she knew his expectations, she’d have a framework for keeping her emotions in check.

“Here’s what I want from you,” he said. His voice had taken on a sultry, commanding tone that she hoped wasn’t the result of too much wine. She needed her thoughts crystal clear from this point on. “I expect you to be available to me when I ask, as often as I ask, and for as long as I want you with me. I won’t interfere with any family functions you have to attend, or with your work, but the rest of your time belongs to me.”

“I don’t have any family here.”

A quick flash of sympathy passed across his face, but it was gone so quickly she thought she’d imagined it. He didn’t know about her parents. How could he?

“Of course. All right. But if something comes up that you need to attend, let me know.”

“I will.”

He studied her face carefully for a few seconds. Too carefully, as if he were trying to choose his next words. Her body trembled with anticipation and need, and she wished he’d just come out and say it already.

“When we’re out, I expect you to wear what I ask you to wear, and I expect you to conduct yourself in a mature and professional manner.”

Wait a minute. “Are you saying I usually don’t?”

“No, not at all. But when we’re in public, what you do and say reflects on me. I’m asking you to remember that.”

“We’ll be out in public together? You mean on dates?”

His gaze softened. “I told you this wasn’t only about sex, Harper. Yes, we will go out together. And speaking of sex, when you’re here, I expect to make love to you.”

Her exhale came out in a shaky gasp as images flashed through her mind. He moved his hands down her arms, slowly, and at the same time stepped closer to her until she could feel the heat coming off his body. “I expect to make love to you in every way I choose. I expect you to be adventurous, and at least try all the things I want to do with you.”

Oh … what kinky, decadent things did he want to try?

He stepped closer still and planted a soft kiss on her left cheek. “You owe me now.” Harper couldn’t stop the moan this time as his hands brushed across her abdomen. “You have a debt to pay.” Ace moved his hands to her hips, and then around to her ass where they rested. She gasped as desire shot through her, hot and bright.

The intensity of her reaction surprised and unnerved her. She should protest this. She should tell him to go straight to hell. But she couldn’t move. She could barely take a full breath.

“I own you now, Harper. And I will decide when you’ve worked off your debt.” She tried to keep her mind clear, but when he bent his head to kiss her, she knew she was toast. She knew she’d let this man do anything he wanted to her.

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The year is 2124 and something has gone terribly wrong with The Madeline Project. Designed to control weather, the computer program is now functioning on its own, thanks to a virus called Tommy Twister. Earth’s surface is bombarded with unpredictable, spontaneous severe storms. If you’re not underground, you have little chance of survival.

Several teams of storm chasers from all over the planet risk their lives trying to collect data during the storms, in the hopes it will help researchers shut down the program. Meanwhile, a group of men work behind the scenes controlling all of Earth’s communications systems. They have the power and the money to keep the Storm Troopers supplied with equipment and the latest technology, and they will stop at nothing to find the hackers responsible for sending The Madeline Project rogue.

Ruthless, greedy, and powerful, these men were at the top of the communications industry when The Madeline Project turned into a nightmare, and they still run their empires. Living underground hasn’t changed anything for them. It’s only increased their supremacy and reputation. They call themselves The Weathermen…


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