Today I wanted to be apart of the #ASKELJames so I could get a sense of the writer, her readers, and how the book Grey pounced from her mind. What I didn’t expect, I know naive me, was a complete bash of the author. I’m going to post some of the timeline comments here, but I must say….I never want to have to go through this as an author.


Sort of sad here, because most feel this is true. I even saw one tween showing the similarities between 50 Shades and 90s film The Secretary staring James Spader


What I did see missing, most notably, was EL James herself. She never commented or answered even the real questions peppered through the not so nice tweets….Hmmmm…


Before I got a chance to refresh the page even Entertainment Weekly and Digital Spy had articles up!


I’m not sure how EL James is feeling right now, but as an author I couldn’t imagine. I’d be curled up somewhere crying my eyes out and sucking my thumb. But then I’d get my big girl panties on and talk to my fans, the ones asking questions, and even some of the hecklers. Because, hey, you can’t please everyone.

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