A Challenging Aspect of Writing

One of the most fun things to read is a really good fight scene. They are intense and can draw a reader in like nothing else. These scenes are just as amazing to write, but they can be a challenge. I know for me personally, my mind is moving so fast that my hands can’t keep up. To make sure I have everything exactly how I want it, I have a rigorous process before I even think about declaring a scene finalized. The first step is writing the scene out without looking too closely for minor errors. Once the creativity is flowing, I don’t want to hamper it with the menial stuff that can be corrected later. Once I am finished with a fight scene, I will usually go back through a few times to edit and make sure everything makes sense. With multiple characters and actions in a scene, I need to make certain the readers understand who ‘he’ is. After things seem good to me, I then give the chapter to my darling husband, and he’ll go through and help me further improve things. We will continue to go over corrections until both of us are satisfied that everything looks good. A lot of hard work goes into a fight scene, but it is definitely worth it.
Check out a part of a fight scene from my newest release, Supernatural Kid on the Block!

Camden felt completely and thoroughly screwed as he stared at the inhumanly large man at the top of the staircase. He whirled to look at Priya, who was just coming to a bone-jarring stop at the bottom of the steps.

The other woman, a redhead with an expression of pure hatred, came through the fall with the advantage. She was crouched over Priya as she lifted her right arm up and back.

Before his eyes, she transformed her hands into talons. Sharp claws decorated the ends of her fingertips. She wiggled them in the air for a moment before slicing them down at the woman underneath her.

“Priya!” Camden yelled in alarm.

Priya just barely managed to get her arms up in time to keep the woman’s claws from tearing into her face and neck. Still, they gouged into her forearm, slicing clear to bone. Despite her predicament and the blood that now poured freely from her arm, her fear was directed behind him. “Camden, look out!”

He felt the air shift behind him and barely managed to dive out of the way as the giant’s hammer came crashing down. As he hit the wall, the hammer hit the floor, causing a floorboard to crack and the ground to shake.

With a grunt, the man hefted the weapon back up onto his shoulder.

“The Executioner!” Priya screamed hysterically. She thrashed underneath the other woman, emitting shrieks of terror. “Let me go! Let me go!”

Camden had never seen Priya look so terrified. Not that it wasn’t obvious just by looking at him, but for Priya to be this panic-stricken, the Executioner had to be bad news.

“Camden,” Priya shrieked as she struggled to free herself. “Run!”

He never would have abandoned Priya. Even if he wanted to, there wasn’t enough time.  The Executioner had his weapon ready and was bringing it around again. This time, he swung it like a baseball bat with his intended target being Camden’s head.

Camden barely had time to duck the hammer. It hit the wall behind him with a loud crack. The wall shook and dust flew into the air as the plaster fractured.

He was on his hands and knees. When the hammer came swinging down toward him, he rolled, coming to a stop against the Executioner’s feet. Thinking quickly, he grabbed the dagger Priya had given him and jammed it into the man’s foot.

The giant growled in pain and backhanded Camden across the face, sending him catapulting down the stairs.

Camden collided with the two women, coming to a stop against the wall of the landing’s hallway with a bang. Color flashed before his eyes, and he had to shake his head to clear it. “How do I kill this guy?” he asked breathlessly to Priya. “I can’t even reach his neck. Even if I could, I’d need a chainsaw to get through that thing.”

Priya was struggling to her knees, blood dripping from the numerous gashes in her arms and along her shoulders. “He’s human,” she said desperately. “Just kill him!”

To see how the scene pans out, read more here:


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