So in my searches for site to make sure my books are listed and available as an author directory I found AUTHORSdB. I was really surprised by the marketing, promotion, and community this site has, and the fact that my paypal wasn’t getting hit! To have something that’s FREE do something for you so well was shocking and refreshing. Now I’m all about the adage “you get what you pay for” but I am also a regular person with bills, worries, and stresses that comes with every day life. I also know that every writer is not to the level of, say, Emma Holly, Gena Showalter, or Christine Feehan (LOVE THEM!!). For newer authors, or those that haven’t yet broken the newbie name, this is a great site. For accomplished authors who want to get themselves out there to more readers, it also works. It was a simply, and quick, submitting process that included my name, FB Like page, FP friend page, Twitter, Smashwords, Google+, Authorgraph, and many other links all in one place.

For me, I think, that was the biggest draw. I could post all of my links in one place, even Pinterest, and have them displayed in a nice, respectful, and easily navigated way. This site isn’t about promotion by “look at me!” but by offering as much information on an author on one page as possible, with bio included, So I wanted to take the time to share this with other authors out there, new and old, so they can become a part of this site. It’s like IMDB for authors! It really is!

Just to share somethings right from the site:

Here at AUTHORSdB we’ve formed the only database of authors, including social media, book listings and much more, for today’s mine-field of thousands of aspiring and established writers.  We are a dedicated website that helps authors for free.  Why free? We have a few Angels who simply want to see authors flourish.  Readers no longer have to Google from several different websites to find out more about a particular author – it’s all here.

AUTHORSdB uses software that engages search engines in a friendly manner.  As an AUTHORSdB author you can enjoy the benefits:

  • Organic (non-paid) Google backlinks are critical to any Social Media Marketing.  There is no guarantee however authors on AUTHORSdB are enjoying being indexed in Google in less than 24 hours.  See for yourself, in April we have over 35,000+.  Google search: and see if your listing comes up.  We tweet Google alerts when authors get indexed in Google via our alert (because of the overwhelming amount of indexing that happens because of our SEO system, we are not able to tweet about everyone listed).
  • Share. Share. Share. In the new world of Social Media Marketing, sharing on social platforms helps gain exposure to our authors.  When an author is listed, we tweet @
    #gotlisted NEW AUTHORSdB #1AdB Pls RT [link back to author details]  We also Like author’s Facebook pages and become a fan on Goodreads, and when liked back, we share something from the authors Facebook page.  (Must have a Twitter and Facebook page to qualify)
  • Like our Facebook page and we will share a post from you on ours.

Those are just some of the reasons why to use AUTHORSdB and I hope you find many more!


Happy marketing 😀

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