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I loved this book. Just loved it. I am a fan of the Grimm Fairy Tales, and not many know there was a second Snow White and Red. The story of Rose Red (or Briar Rose) isn’t done very ofter with her sister Snow White, and I loved that Wren brought this fairy tale to light. Hestor was just as evil in this story as he was in the original tale, and I couldn’t wait to see him DEAD!

And the romance? HAWT! Marcus and Rose fit together in ways that no one would understand, and I loved that Wren made it very obvious to the reader that these two fell in love because of the darkness they’d gone through, that it wasn’t just about mating or a pre-destined conclusion. I couldn’t wait to pick up Bad Apple and see how Darien and Snow found their way!

Pick this book up. You will not be disappointed.

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