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Irredeemable is the new title for Cutter. No content has changed.

One year …

All he asks for is one year of my life to clear out all the dirt, the muck, the messed-up way of thinking that makes me splice myself open for relief. One year of no Rani, no Pinnacle heirs, no reminders of the past, and all I have to do is say yes.

Just yes.

It’s stupid. I know better. To say yes means there is never a chance to say no. I won’t control anything in my life, least of all how I live. This one word utterly takes over, and I no longer know where to turn for help. My release, my painful savior the blade, is now gone. All that remains is Demari Sestra.

He always gives me a chance, a moment before the darkness to walk away. I can, I know it, but I never do. It leaves no one to blame but me.

Rani, I once warned you the world would break you if you let it.

Maybe I should have followed my own advice.

Note from the authors: Irredeemable was previously published as Cutter and no content has changed. While Irredeemable can be read as a standalone, the pieces may fall in place easier if Irrepairable is read first. Unlike Irrepairable, this is not a reverse harem, academy, or bully romance. Simply put, Allie's story is dark, twisted, and might make even the darkest hearts cringe. Remember this: most topics in the book are real-life occurrences and will evoke strong feelings. Proceed with caution and know you have been warned.

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