Mated to the Prince

Mated to the Prince

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Giuliana Moretti is Houdini reborn. From her oppressive former pack leader to her current Alpha and pseudo-brother, she’s spent plenty of time escaping the overbearing men in her life. Her vintage clothing shop is the only place she can be herself in a world gone crazy with haywire magic, corrupt officials, and startling revelations into the Fae world.

She’s over it … all.

To make matters worse, her wolf is bucking against her at every turn and drawing her right into the cage she’s always tried to avoid: mating.

It’s about to get real … 

When a member of her pack goes missing, she’s forced to be up close and personal with the Lombardi Pack’s best scenter. Newsflash: he’s super sexy … and she can’t stand the sight of him.

Pasquale Bianchi.

Pasquale has his own secrets and demons he’s never wanted to come to light. His inheritance has been stripped from him and his world is flipped upside down. Searching for Heath will get him away from pack lands and the reminder of what he’s lost, but Giuliana’s presence threatens to shatter the delicate hold he’s had on his wolf … and giving in may put him right in the center of a civil war.

NOTE: Portal City Protectors is a paranormal romance series with Mafia elements, Alpha Shifters, Wolves, Mages, Witches, Fae (Unseelie and Seelie), Norns, and Dragons, oh my! Get ready to devour these books using the reading order below.

Mated to the Capo - Dominic and Zoey

Mated to the Enforcer - Romano and Kalinda

Mated to the Prince - Pasquale and Giuliana

Fated to the Traitor - Heath and Asherah

Mated to the Chaos - Carlo and Nanshe

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