Promotion for Newbies


I started getting some questions on book promotion and decided to make an infographic  on the five things that I do when I start promoting a book.


1. I write – I have to get the book down, the blog ideas, or some brainstorming for things. I need to sort of see the plan I have long before the book is finished. Anything can be changed, but you need the idea.

2. Brand yourself- I had to change starting in 2014. Sure, everyone knew who LeTeisha Newton was if they read my books, but I wanted to be something beyond just a writer. Nowadays authors have to be marketers, graphic designers, publicists, and the face of their brand. Mine started with the SQ design (for Shifter Queen) that started showing up everywhere. That’s my niche, that’s what I know exceptionally well, and I use it! Remember though, this can be as simple as your name, and then make a persona behind that name!

3. Commit – Write when you can, promote when you can, and do it enough you start t like it. Everything isn’t going to work, but make some plans. Do things for two weeks, three weeks, a month, or two. See what works for you and doesn’t. Think about how you will measure your success.

4. Let your characters come out- They are you bread and butter, so to speak. It’s them readers fall in love with or hate. It’s them that make the book, even if you write it. so you have to pay attention to them and let them come out. Let them take over you blog for a week, or you Facebook Page. If you are an introvert, be an extrovert through them.

5. When in doubt…- Ask for help! There are plenty of other writers and graphic designers out there willing to do things for a fee, and some for free! Reach out. Get in some forums and start talking to people. I’ve personally said I’d help someone make the effects for their book trailers for free. We can sink, or swim, together!

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