So it’s day two of the Sytycw2013 Contest given by Harlequin and I am freaking out. I’m just saying. This is really tough just to sitting and wait. It’s just day two and their are already over 210 entrants! That’s a lot for there just to be fifty chosen for the second round. I keep looking at my chapter wondering if I cleaned up everything ,revised enough, and trusting my editor. Aziza Aremo, BA did an amazing job (and continues to through the rest of the book) with my story and I cannot thank her enough.  But it’s really hard going. I mean really?! This is just day 2? The first week went by a whirlwind!


Well, my first chapter is from my book Immortal Need, which I have been sharing the pitch and things with you guys already. You can read it here (and of course you can comment, Like, and share!) Sharing the love would be awesome.

I really would like to say, now, that I am just happy to be with this competition. It’s helped me so much already, and it’s not just the book. I’ve learned correct Revisions, Editing, the 100 Word Pitch, and working with other authors. I’ve learned what’s needed for submissions, how to pitch correctly to editors, and to talk to them at conferences, and so much more. It’s just been an awesome experience.

At this point, no matter the outcome, I’m just happy that I’ve had the chance, and am grateful that I found this competition!

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