Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while, and to be honest, I’ve just been crazy busy writing and working on the books. Now that I have some free time and smoothing some things out, I am happy to tell you what’s going on with me.conquering-camden

First, Conquering Camden came out last Friday and that was amazing! It was published through Evernight Publishing! That was a pretty exciting moment. It is in two Top 100 Bestselling categories on Amazon.com since release dates. Not too shabby on that one.


But that’s not it with Evernight. The 20th I also released Executive Assistant with 11 other gifted, amazing, and wonderful authors that has been in 3 Top 100 Bestselling Lists since release date! Super excited there too!

And not I am proud to announce StampLogothat I’ve joined up with my fourth Publishing house. I started as a completely Indie author, then joined the fabulous Amira Press with my shifter novels. Then to  Evernight, and to Sugar and Spice with the upcoming Director’s Daughter (more on that in another post), and now with Decadent Lit!


Along with writers like Danette Ardell, Mona King, and Olivia Linden! And did I mention that Olivia Linden and I have some MAJOR plans for a…wait for it….SERIES! Stay tuned, I may have been a little quiet but the wheels were still turning. You don’t want to miss this!

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