Published: October 29th 2014
Print Length: 180 pages
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.


Eyes closing in the warm sun, Jami wakes to find a new world far different from her own. Gone is the book store, her friends, and the comfort of home.
A Highlander waits, his voice calling to her across the depths of time. Stepping across the new world, she discovers a secret magic that lives within her, urging her on to the stranger who calls her across the centuries.
In a field of heather, Jami will discover Devlin and all that his hand can offer. From the echoes of eternity, Destiny waits for Jami. Or does it?

*Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock*

4.5 Fangs!

No one believes in Destiny anymore. Not even Jami and as a reviewer for a publishing house, she reads it every day. Always feeling that she was meant for more, she’s fairly content with her life. She loves her job and spending time with her best friend Todd. Jami has known that she was adopted. Her birth parents left a few things for her when she turned eighteen. There was one letter they requested that she not read until the day of her 25th birthday. She respected that wish and it never felt right to try to read it before hand. Jami has always relied on her instincts and they have never led her astray.

Strange things start happening as her 25th birthday approaches. She finds herself daydreaming more often than she ever has before. These daydreams feel so real compared to anything in the past. She finds herself in another time in a Scottish settlement and feels absolutely content watching the people carrying on with their chores. The scent of heather on the air soothes her. Nothing could disrupt the dreams, well except a fine specimen of Highlander that shouldn’t be rude to her in her dream. She wakes up back at the brook where she drifted off. She begins to think that she’s crazy when a rodent named Roma starts talking to her. Roma assures her that she will help Jami on her path once she embraces her destiny. Her instincts tell her that she’s not crazy and she trusts in that.
Jami’s mother wants Jami to attend her fundraising Christmas ball that happens to fall on her 25th birthday. Jami’s mother knows her all too well and knows that Jami will not want to attend. Schmoozing with the rich and famous is not her cup of tea, but it is for her best friend Todd. Her mother isn’t above going through Todd as he will jump at any opportunity to dress up and schmooze. Jami agrees to go, but takes her birth parents’ letter with her. She decides that with all the daydreaming she has been doing and her instincts calling to her that she will keep an open mind and open heart when she reads this final letter. She knew in her heart that she was always meant for more, but she questions if she’s strong enough to blindly follow the destiny her birth mother speaks of in her letter. She has minutes to decide and if her birth mother’s words are to be believed, people’s lives could depend on her. She’s not sure if she can handle that responsibility.

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