Today I’m coming to you a little bit different. Couple of days ago I posted a small snippet of the story. But with my upcoming releases of three novels, Dragon’s Ward, A Date to Remember, and Taken by Lust, I find myself in a little bit of a quandary. There is just so much going on. After that my blog will also become the home of my experience for the So You Think You Can Write 2013 contest given by Harlequin.

So today I wanted just to talk a little bit about the characters. Selene is a high-class corporate lawyer. Had a lot of fun writing her. I am lucky enough to have a good friend of mine actually is in this position. I found her job to be intriguing and difficult when I interviewed her. It became clear, very quickly, but I didn’t want to include many of the intricacies of that type of work into the novel. It would take much of the word count just explain what she did on a daily basis and take away from the overall romance. But I do not think that the book suffered for that. My main heroine and her relationship with the hero became the focal point. Pietr made it all clear from the beginning that he wanted her. He had no questions in his mind that he would succeed. So I wanted to toss in something that would get in the way of their love. What happen if my heroine was attacked before she was actually able to be claimed by her mate? Would she be able to deal with the animal side of my hero after seeing the deadly side of his race?

I think she did quite well and hope you do as well. Be sure to check out Dragon’s Ward when it’s released on September 20th!

Happy reading!

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