You can always tell when you are too wrapped up in the story when you are bawling your eyes out because the character is crying. Lol
Not many books bring forth a well of emotions in me, as this one did.

I was aliitle confused at first with the mentioning of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, but I soon learned who they were. I loved Hideki from the start. Just something about his take charge demeanor I found so sexy. I also found myself caring for Tobias more and more. There were a few “what if” questions I had in my head, which the author answered as I continued on in the reading.

I have hope that this is not the end of the “Claim” series and I would love to see what happens next.


Thank you so much Peking Through Books for enjoying my piece and leaving such a beautiful comment. I hope to still please you…and who knows?? The Claimed Series may continue LOL

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