Kenneth(Sean O'Pry)Anya resisted the urge to check her face for any damage. There was no pain there. She did know how she had gotten so lucky but somehow the passenger in the Mercedes-Benz had heard her or the gunshots have come from her. She did take a moment however to fear for the man safety. He might’ve been larger-than-life but she was struggling against a drug addict who strength seem to be enormous.

Her body had been honed with years of dance, self-defense classes, and a general tomboy upbringing and yet she had been able to do little but forestall her attack. She didn’t want her would-be savior to come to any harm. She tried to assist him as best that she could continue to fight with all her might against the steel band of an arm around her throat. Suddenly, when the large brood of a man who had come to her rescue slammed into her attacker, she was free and her body went flying further into the darkness. She hit the ground with a smack but quickly regained her footing. She edged back towards the light not wanting to leave her savior but one into being a position that she could flag down help if necessary. The large man-made quick work of her attacker pummeling the man on the ground until he stopped moving. Then Anya wasn’t so sure if she had been saved from one nightmare had been shoved into another.

Now in the light on you could see the man who had come to her rescue. She saw now that the reason why he looked so large is because of his great height. He must’ve been at least five or six inches over six feet tall. He made her look like a pygmy and that was saying something. Somehow he has survived a scuffle with attacker in a dark alley and still look like he should’ve walked off a GQ magazine. This suit was superbly cut to show that his body was trim and fit like a swimmer. His hair was as dark as the raven’s wing, expertly cut into a shorter style that still allowed a becoming curl to fall on his forehead. His gray eyes were like a storm. If she were in another place, another time she would have thought she had been looking at darkened skies cracking with thunder and lightning.

His chiseled features were accented by a cruelly sensuous mouth and a firm jaw. Anya could not deny the immediate attraction she had for the man standing in front of her. She did not know if it was hero-worship because he had come to her aid or not but the man was devastatingly attractive. Anya had never seen a more perfect example of a male specimen of her life. That her knees grew weak as she looked at him both shocked and amazed her. After the ordeal that she had gone through there was no way that her body should feel the awakening tendrils of desire snaking through her but there was.

She continued staring at the man unsure of what he would do as he continued to watch her silently. His unblinking stare reminded her some reason of a predator watching its prey squirm. Anya swore that she could see him stalking her in the darkness and he would be more deadly than any animal that she could dream up. That the pulse of her head seem to only inflame her desire higher shocked her all the more. There was no way in hell she should have been attracted to a man like him. His suit and his stature screamed money. If his vehicle was anything to go by this man was way out of her league.

Most likely he preferred leggy blondes who modeled and sported names that she could barely pronounce to her own looks. She shook her head trying to dislodge her thoughts of him and pushed her desire as far down as possible as she stepped back further into the light before she spoke to him. However he did not give her a chance, just as she opened her mouth he spoke first.

“You could say thank you,” he said then she felt her insides quake. That was just so unfair that he sounded that sexy. Why do all the bad boys have to be the most attractive? she thought in her head and he did have the look of the bad boy.

“I was going to say thank you but I wasn’t exactly sure if I had to fear which you were going to do next.” She smiled to try to make a joke out of the truth of her words and then froze like a doe in headlights when he smiled in return. Devil take it but the man was hot sex and sweaty sheets. A smile like that should come with a disclaimer. Warning: this man is dangerous and immediately makes you want to drop your panties when he smiles at you. It had been too long then she dated, she rationalized. She wouldn’t be so attracted to him otherwise. She shrugged then to hide the discomfort of her growing desire. “Thank you.”

“You are welcome but not really what made you think that it was a good idea to walk outside alone at night. You could’ve got yourself killed.”

All she could do stand and gap at him. To think the nerve of the man to berate her for being outside at night. Okay it might not have been the best decision to walk down the street at this time of night without there being more people in her area she had done this since she began working at the dance studio. It wasn’t like it was one o’clock in the morning and she looked like a woman of the night. All she had been doing was trying to walk three blocks down the get home not that her savior and anything about that. Still his condescending attitude royally ticked her off. She might’ve made a mistake but it was one that anybody would’ve made.

“You’ve got some nerve. Who you think you are saying that to me? It’s half past eight at the latest. Who think they would get mugged at this time it evening on the street? Are you serious?” She was just getting herself built-up for another tirade when the man spun on his heel and walked away from her. She was rendered speechless once again. This night was going nowhere near like she planned. She gotten mugged, almost lost her life and God knew what else, met the most attractive man of her life, and then got chastised by that exact same man. What kind of luck was she having?

“Oh no sir, we’re not done yet,” she called after him and she followed him to the edge of the street. He continued to ignore her as she continued to try to tell him how wrong his response had been. With the small hand signal the Mercedes-Benz pulled up in front of them and he opened the door for her. Still patently ignoring her he leaned into the car and spoke softly to the driver inside. She was too angry stop and listen to what he said.

“Your ride home. Do me a favor and try not to get into any more scrapes between here and then will you?” and with that he walked away from her. Completely and utterly dismissed her. He didn’t ask her if she was okay, if she needs to go to the hospital, or if there’s some kind of friend she could call. He simply provided her way home and walked off down the street. Anya could not believe the man that she was looking at. She watched his receding back as he continued and was tempted to yell to him that he was making the same mistake that he had yelled at her for. But it seemed childish to do that.

The man had saved her life and was provided her much safer for transportation to get to her home. The more that on your thought about it would be much less likely that someone would want to challenge him. As he walks she could see the air of confidence settling on his shoulders. No mother worth his salt would think that would be an easy mark. He may look like money but he also looked like there would be a fight if you try to take it from. Anya climbed into the vehicle with a sigh. As she closed the door the partition between the back seat and the front seat rolled down in soft brown eyes looked at her in the face of an older gentleman whose hair had gone completely white. He gave her a comforting smile and tipped his hat and a gallant gesture.

“Mr. Walters has directed me to take you wherever you would like to go. What is your address?” Self-preservation whirled its head again and she wondered if she were so shaken that she had gotten into a car with someone she didn’t even know. The fear must have shown in her face because the man smiled softly again at her.

“My name is Edgar Yates and I have been employed with Mr. Walters’ family for nearly forty years. I have never had any murderous thoughts except when the Yankees lose and if you would like I can drop you off at a public location if that would make you feel more comfortable. Or would you like to go to a hospital?”

Anya gave the man her address, declining a ride to the ER that would just take up the rest of her night needlessly, and sat back as the partition slid closed. She was too tired to deal with all of the questions at that moment, finny since she had wonted the whole world to pay attention to her not even ten minutes before. Now she just wanted to get home and curl up with a good movie, anything to get her mind off what happened. She gave a momentary thought that she could possibly be giving her address to a serial killer then toss that away as well. If Mr. Walters had wanted to harm her he would’ve done in the alley when no one was watching. He would’ve had plenty of time. It seemed that the gunshots had only brought to his attention and no one else. Even as she continued a short drive to her home she never saw police cars are heard sirens whizzing past her. If Mr. Walters had not been there she did not know what would’ve happened to her she think her lucky stars that he had at least heard her. She shrugged off any sense of disappointment that he seemed to not have noticed her. Like she had thought, he was way out of her league.

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