Anya knew there was no way in hell she would get to sleep that night. Her home seemed quieter than normal. She kicked off her shoes and dropped her back at the door before turning around and making sure she double checked the locks on her front door. Once she knew that they were secure she hung her keys on her key rack and went toward her bedroom. Once inside her room she then closed her door and lock that as well as if needing multiple barriers between her and the outside world to feel safe. Her attack played over and over again in her mind as she went into her restroom and started the shower. As the steam rose not only her attack but also the man who it saved her life reappeared in her mind. He was by far one of the most gorgeous men that she had ever seen and she had not even registered on his radar. That was not perhaps the thing that she should have been thinking about but she couldn’t seem to help herself. Every time she closed her eyes she could see his strong features and the sensuality of his mouth. She could see his smile and the strong white line of his teeth. Even the act of him striking her attacker this was attractive. He had strong hands. Hands that would be able to mold her body with the strength and gentleness at once. She did know how she knew, but she was sure of it.

With a frustrated sound she climbed into the shower and washed quickly as if she could wash away the dirt from the night. When she got out of the shower she dried quickly and then put on a pair soft yoga pants and a tank top. She thought about watching a show on TV but said she had a tendency to watch forensic shows she felt like that might not be the best option right now. Her attack was to fresh she would need a little bit more of a distraction. She also had to admit that she needed something that would distract her from thinking about the man in the alley.

Something that would stop her from thinking about what he would look like outside of that suit and pressed against her own body. She had never been attracted to a man outside of her own race. It wasn’t that she wasn’t attracted to men who were not black she just never seem to come into contact with one that ripped her up but this one sure had. He was unlike any man she had ever seen before and perhaps that was the crux of her problem. If he had shown some sort of attraction for her she may have thought of him differently. She knew what she looked like. Her long dark blonde hair had been something that most men found striking against her caramel skin. Some where even been bold enough to ask if she had gotten out of a bottle if she had been just as bold enough to respond to them she could show them that in her own way she was a natural blonde, but they were never going to find out. That return usually shut most men up and made them realize that they had messed up by asking her the question. Her hazel gaze looked down at her body. She was thick and curvy and her body was honed by years of dancing. She knew that she had a nice figure and the full lips with long eyelashes and a small pert nose. She may not be Miss America but she knew that she was attractive. Perhaps she had just hadn’t been his type. Maybe he didn’t like coffee and cream.

“You have got to stop this A,” she chastised herself and made a beeline for her cell phone that was tucked in her bag at her front door. She knew the ultimate distraction if she could not get one from the male variety. Her best friend was always ready to talk and said she had gotten her new boyfriend Anya knew that Sylvia would be available to talk.

“Hey you,” Sylvia answered after a few rings.

“Are you busy?”

“You okay? You’re don’t sound right.” God bless good friends.

“Not really. I was mugged.” Sylvia’s reaction was more in line with what Anya thought should’ve happened. Her friend immediately asked if she was at a hospital or she was okay. Once Anya had assured her that she was Sylvia was off the phone in a matter of seconds, telling her she’d be on her way.

The two of them had always been that way from the day they had met. It had been a chance meeting which Anya had come across her. She had been invited to exclusive club by one of her adult dance students for a night of celebration after recital. They were on the floor she had met a gyrating voluptuous vixen who had commanded attention. That woman had slipped her curly black hair over one shoulder as she dipped low to the ground and swung her hips against the man dancing behind her as she rose slowly back up. Anya had been amazed by the look on the man’s face behind the black-haired woman.

If she hadn’t seen it herself no one would have been able to tell her about it. The man looked as if he had climaxed right there in the middle of the dance floor. His whole body had shaken as he had wrapped arms around the diva in front of him and buried his face in between her shoulder blades as she continued to move. Anya couldn’t help laughing until she could barely breathe. She had then gone on the floor, determined to have some good fun. A man had quickly appeared behind Anya and the two women shared a look that said ‘let’s get him’ before they had shimmied, moved, and switched partners until they were laughing as the men said they needed to go take a seat. Once they had reached a small secluded table Sylvia had introduced herself and they’d been fast friends ever since.

That was nearly five years ago and the women were still going strong. Their friendship had blossomed from one of weekend buddies to best friends that spoke every day. Sylvia, a dancer of a much different variety, was much more outgoing and sexually adventurous then Anya. Anya suppose that the adage that opposites attract was true in their case. Were Anya seem to only come alive when she danced Sylvia seem to be ready for whatever came at her at the moment. It had made for some very interesting conversations and even funnier moments between the two of them.

Anya knew that once Sylvia arrived she would do anything within her power to take on his mind off of what had happened and Anya counted on that distraction. Anything was better than thinking about the attack or the man who has saved her from it. Anya made some coffee in her kitchen knowing that Sylvia would be looking for if they had a late-night and waited for her friend to arrive. Ten minutes after the coffee was done the light rap at her door let her know that she had arrived. Anya answered the door and Sylvia breezed in full of questions.

“Are you sure you’re okay? I could take you to the hospital myself if you need to.”

“I’m fine really.”

“What the hell happened?” Anya filled Sylvia in on what had happened as quickly as possible glancing over the fact that she was disappointed that the man had seen take notice of her. She didn’t feel like getting into a conversation concerning then.

“Well Mr. Walter sounds yummy,” Sylvia said then and Anya hid her groan by pouring coffee for them. She hadn’t realized that she had described a man with that sort of detail. Her stupid mind seemed to still be stuck on him.

“He was okay,” she responded then.

“Just okay? You better perfect example of the knight shining armor and he was just okay? Yeah, do better than that Anya.”
Have I ever said I hate friends sometimes, Anya thought, angered that Sylvia had seemed to latch onto the one thing that Anya did not want to talk about. She should’ve known better than describing the man at all to her crazy friend.

“Look I wasn’t exactly in the idea of trying to get the man’s number first. I just had one of the scariest ordeals my life I will he was interested in looking at the man passed that.”

“I was just making conversation don’t get touchy. It seems like this man might have had more effect on you and he wanted it.”

“I know. Just a little bothered right now.”

“Understandable. You see to be taken to better than I would have. I’d still be screaming my head off.”

“We’ll you enjoy being the damsel in distress.”

“Of course. It’s a great opportunity for a nice-looking man to save me,” Sylvia said then, laughing. “But seriously I’m happy that you’re okay. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I would’ve lost you.” The sincerity of the common stopped in the irritation that she had over Sylvia is latching on to Mr. Walters. She hoped her friend happy that she was safe and that she could still do this.

“I am too. I just needed some distraction.”

“Well I am good at distractions that think I have the perfect solution for all of this.”

“I’m almost afraid to ask.”

“Then just do I say. Tomorrow night we’re going to be going to a very exclusive party.” Anya groaned.

“Look Syl, I’m not really into going to some kind of party right now.”

“This is not some kind of party as you put it. This is the party. Something with their entire life to get into this party.”

“Considering I don’t even know what party you are talking about, you’ve now met one person that hasn’t been waiting.”

“Anya, please. You know the kind of people who I deal with the kind of people like him into contact with. Those people eagerly await this invitation.” Anya didn’t know what type of people who Sylvia was talking about. As an exotic dancer, and one of the highest-paid that Anya had ever heard of, Sylvia did enjoy a certain level of prestige. Sylvia gave exclusive parties, and the me gave her gifts like vehicles and diamond tennis bracelets. That was a kind of people who Sylvia rubbed elbows with every day. She remembered when Sylvia had told her once that the more money people made it seem like there needs grew wilder and more expensive. Anya believed her. If those are the kind of people who Sylvia was talking about this party would be where some of the richest people in the area would be going.

“Well, define party for me right now.”

“Not that kind of party. I wouldn’t dream of asking you to go to one of those. We’re just two different types baby. I know this party is one of them you’ll be interested in. This is one of those get dressed to the nines, rub elbows with the rich and famous, and you never know who you might meet kind of parties. And you know to get you ready for one of those kind of parties you have to spend tomorrow with me. Wait right here.” Anya waited obediently while Sylvia went to her purse and pulled out something and then came back to the table. She slid up black card across the counter-top that was about the size of a credit card and of the same hard plastic material. In the center was a red scarlet diamond with Sylvia’s name and a plus one on the right side of the diamond and address on the left side, and a red bar code on the bottom.

“That’s my invitation. We get to the door and use it just like a credit card and it will grant us entrance as well as designates what area within the party that were allowed to go to. From what I understand the bar code on this little card gives us a pretty exclusive rights. My plus one is going to be you so I’m not going to take no for an answer.”

“You know you’re absolutely crazy right?”

“Yeah but you love me and you know I’ll stay here and irritate the shit out of you so you go. So are you in or are you out?”

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