Her friend really was crazy. It didn’t take much time before Anya had decided to go ahead and go with her to the party. She knew that Sylvia could be tenacious when there was something that she wanted. Anya learned to just a smile and nod to whatever her friend was saying. It was much better to agree anyway. She much preferred the talking to get her mind on something else other than the close-lipped man who’d saved her life and patently ignored her. So she locked up her doors after Sylvia breezed out, turned off all of her lights, world and climbed into her waiting bed. She suddenly she felt exhausted as if the entire world was on her shoulders.

She knew that tonight could have gone much worse with the mugger. She could’ve lost her life or, at the very least, had been molested. She could thank her lucky stars for Mr. Walters. She ignored the pinch in her chest that accompanied thinking about his name and slid between her cool sheets. Tomorrow would look much better to her after she had rested her weary body. Lord knew that once she had gotten with Sylvia it would be a nonstop day up until they went to the party. Once there Anya was sure that she could give Sylvia’s focus on to some man. Anya closed her eyes with a sigh and welcomed the blissful darkness of sleep.

“You could say thank you,” he said against her lips and Anya hummed her approval as she claimed his mouth with hers. He felt so warm and so real against her. His muscles bunched and moved under her fingertips as she gripped him, pulled him closer. His mouth enslaved her as each press of his tongue inflamed her. His strong hands molded her hips so that the naked flesh of her pussy ground against his engorged cock.

She moaned her approval as she sucked his tongue into her mouth. She hoped that her body would say thank you better than words ever could. He nipped at her bottom lip before kissing his way down the curve of her jaw to her neck. He sucked strongly at her pulse there at her back arched. She dug her hands into cool thickness of his hair and held on tight as he nipped at the edge of her collar-bone and kissed his way down to one hardened nipple. He sucked the tightened flesh into his mouth and she could feel the strength of his tongue as he played with the tip.

“Yes,” she moaned. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew that she must be dreaming but she did not want to wake up. She could not imagine anything more perfect and being in this moment with him. It could’ve been because she could not seem to stop thinking of him that had created the stream between her and Mr. Walters but she was not complaining. Even the fact that she did not seem to know his first name only heightened the appeal. They were complete strangers and yet at this moment they were locked in the most intimate of embraces. She was his wanton vixen and he was for alpha male. No book, no daydream, or love scene in the movie could dare compete to this. The heat of his body was like a furnace and Anya could not wait to burn up. She could feel the soft cushion of her body give as he ground his dick harder into her. She wanted to beg him to put it inside of her and yet she wanted to see what exactly he would do to her body.

She held his head to her body as he continued to play with her breast. One warm palm cupped her opposite breast and mold the flesh. He then pushed her nipples closer to each other than sucked them both into his mouth as she ground against him. Her head began to swim. He felt so good. He then released the nipple that he had begun with and concentrated on the opposite one. His fingers played with the moistened tip of her opposite breasts as he curled his body to slide the tip of his cock over her clit. She moaned louder her short nails digging into the flesh of his shoulders as she held on tight. There was something so predatory, so carnal about this man. Something that felt so right.

“So pretty. Will you open for me?” His deep voice rumbled over her body and she heard it as if through a fog. She gaped open her legs wider for him as he kissed his way down her stomach, his hands playing with the wet flesh of her nipples at the same time. She watched him as he kissed a circle around her stomach and then dipped his tongue into her navel. He stayed there for moment snaking his tongue in and out and she couldn’t help but think of his cock doing the same thing inside of her. She trembled beneath him.

“Soon enough,” he promised her and somehow she knew that he wanted to be inside of her just as bad. Her desire spiked even higher. She bit her lip, still swollen from his attention. She nodded her head in acceptance of his promise. He winked at her and she knew that he had understood. Never before has she had a man that she was so in tune with. It didn’t matter that this was a dream. She knew that it was right. He licked his way along the crease where her thigh met her groin and then down one labia around her vaginal entrance and backup the other side. She held her body tense waiting for the moment that his tongue touched her clit. She knew that it was coming but she also knew that he would make her wait. He licked around the circle again, his chuckle sending vibrations over her soaking flesh.

“Taste me,” she begged. Anya would have never said this in real life. She would’ve never had the confidence to but somehow in this dream world she could be whatever she wanted to be and he was exactly what she needed. He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth still swirling his tongue teasingly around her clit.

“Please,” she whispered. One large hand left her breast and formed a ‘v’ the top of her pussy so that he could push her lips open. She groaned when his tongue met the bundle of nerves. She felt like the top of her head had nearly popped off.

“Yes right there.” She looked down her body at his dark head. She was shocked to find his gaze locked on to hers. He gave her that drop-dead gorgeous smile and then sucked her clit into his mouth. She felt the tough edges of his teeth as he nipped her slightly her ass lifted off the bed. She had never met a man who had consumed her so completely. His other hand left her breasts and her gaze remained locked with his as he slid one big digit inside of her. She felt it turn inside of her and is finger curled upward as he pulled outward. She could no longer keep her eyes open. She twisted and turned beneath him as is finger pumped in and out of her. She planted her feet on the bed so that she could flex and relax her hips to ride his finger.

“Good girl.” His words were nearly swallowed up in her moans as she continued to ride. He sucked on her harder she could feel her climax looming on the horizon. She twisted her hips faster as he pushed a second finger inside of her. He twisted his hand and scissors his fingers to widen her. She could feel his body shifting and looked down to see him placing his knees below him. The move was not lost on her. She could feel that he was preparing to slam into her the moment her climax erupted it over her. She rode him harder, eager to fill his cock to get along inside of her. The head was nearly purple with blood she could tell it would fill her more than she had ever been before.

“Yes. Keep going. I’m almost there.” He gripped her hips as sweat trickled between her breasts and he sucked harder on her. He forced his fingers in it out of her so hard that she could feel the bump of his curled fingers on the soft flesh between her pussy and ass. She gripped the sheets under her and she felt her climax growing closer and closer. She felt the tingle over her nerve endings and gritted her teeth. So close, so close.

The blaring of her alarm snatched Anya out of the dream. Her legs quaked and she was wrapped up in the covers as if she had been running a marathon. She push the heavy weight of her hair out of her face and exhaled roughly.

“Dumb alarm,” she hissed at her clock. Never had she regretted the sensible act of setting her alarm to wake up. This had to be the worst mornings of all mornings to wake up early. She climbed out of bed and stood on shaky legs and embarrassment shining with the light of day. Now that she didn’t have the world of dreams surrounding her she could not believe that she had dreamed of Mr. Walters like some horny teenager. She was better than that. Nothing was going to come of her seeming obsession with the man. Most likely he had forgotten entirely about her and here she was dreaming about them like some slut.

“Dumb Anya,” she chastised herself and stripped out of her night attire. She went into her closet and pulled out several different outfits and lay them across her bed. She knew that Sylvia would probably disapprove of all of them and find some reason to go on her own closet to dress Anya that Anya didn’t care. She needed something mundane to take her mind off the dream that had left her on the verge of the best climax of her life. Her luck that she would feel something so profound with the dream and not with the battery operated boyfriend, or a real one at that. With a huff and she went to her bathroom and took a quick shower. After brushing her teeth and powering her hair into a messy ponytail she grabbed her cell phone and called Sylvia.

“You shouldn’t be awake this early,” Sylvia said and greeting.

“I couldn’t sleep. Besides you wanted me to go that is damn party I know is that take you all day to get ready. I’ll be over in half an hour.” After she had her espresso and loaded up her car Anya drove to Sylvia’s place.

On that drive she rationalized why she couldn’t seem to get that man out of her mind. She hadn’t dated in nearly two years. Her last relationship hadn’t ended disastrous, it had just ended. She and Tyler had gown apart even after five years of dating. Everyone had thought that she would’ve married him. Anya had even believed that it was the natural progression of their comfortable and sedate relationship. It just hadn’t turned out that way. She’d come home to find Tyler sitting at the table in his bargain suit with his hair precisely combed and they’d talked about the end of their relationship. No one cried, argued, or felt hurt. It had been more of a relief than anything. They had simply hugged and he’d walked away.

Two years after he’d gotten married to a school teacher Anya had heard and she was happy for him. It wasn’t until after they were no longer together that she’d known what was missing. There was no passion. He hadn’t made her knees go weak, per her body weep to have him inside of her. She hadn’t wanted to rush home and climb into bed with him. They’d had safe, normal sex that never made her reach a climax that fulfilled her. From that day she’d decided that she wouldn’t settle for anything less than passion that skyrocketed her into the sun. That thought was most likely the reason why she kept thinking of her knight in rusty armor. She wanted passion. She wanted lust. But she also wanted love and that was why she had to ignore her fantasy. That was all it was. A fantasy that was much better in her mind than in reality. Reality, in the daylight, had smacked her in the face. Maybe the day with a friend at a party would get her mind straight. She was never going to see Mr. Walters again and the quicker her mind realized that the better for everyone.

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