Now Pantsers Can Benefit From Simplified Plotting

Whether you are a bestseller or an aspiring author, this planning workbook will help you keep your characters, plot, and timeline straight.

With pages to detail your locations, characters, scenes, plot points, etc., this workbook organizes all the prewriting, writing, and post-production aspects of getting a book into print.

110 pages of plotting worksheets to help flesh out your characters, keep your timeline straight and keeps your book consistent and flowing

Each workbook contains:

FOUR 2-page spreads Main Character worksheets;
SIX 2-page spreads Secondary Character worksheets;
TEN 2-page spreads Location worksheets/visual ticklers;
Space for up to 84 scene breakdowns;
Book budget to track payments to each of your publishing team members and miscellaneous expenses;
Project production / publishing schedule;
TWO 2-page spreads to list beta readers and reviewers for feedback tracking;
Lined pages for notes and ideas.

See All The Volumes!

Volumes 1 - 10

Vol 1 Ocean
ISBN 978-1978156159

Vol 2 Black Composition
ISBN 978-1978157293

Vol 3 Black Gold Sugar Skull
ISBN 978-1978157583

Vol 4 Hot Pink Pop Art
ISBN 978-1978158177

Vol 5 Horror Whispy Skull
ISBN 978-1978167315

Vol 6 Witch
ISBN 978-1978168176

Vol 7 Couple With Bike
ISBN 978-1978170254

Vol 8 Zombie
ISBN 978-1978171831

Vol 9 Writerly
ISBN 978-1978188464

Vol 10 Dragon Flame
ISBN 978-1978255173

Volumes 31 - 40

Vol 31 Oct Opt Illusion
ISBN 978-1978379534

Vol 32 Multicolored Squares
ISBN 978-1978379886

Vol 33 Green Dots
ISBN 978-1978381186

Vol 34 Drggiehaze
ISBN 978-1978382169

Vol 35 Wavywaves
ISBN 978-1978382459

Vol 36 Purple Glories
ISBN 978-1978394612

Vol 37 Green Comp
ISBN 978-1978396241

Vol 38 Hot Pink Comp
ISBN 978-1978397132

Vol 39 Psych Flowers
ISBN 978-1978417397

Vol 40 Watercolor Roses Comp
ISBN 978-1978417748

Volumes 11 - 20

Vol 11 Mystery Dude
ISBN 978-1978258099

Vol 12 Vamp Chick
ISBN 978-1978258679

Vol 13 Spooky Mansion
ISBN 978-1978260917

Vol 14 Female Skull
ISBN 978-1978259225

Vol 15 Whip Dude
ISBN 978-1978274396

Vol 16 Whip Chick
ISBN 978-1978274907

Vol 17 Robot1
ISBN 978-1978321601

Vol 18 Wolfie Woods
ISBN 978-1978322455

Vol 19 Blue Octogon Composition
ISBN 978-1978323315

Vol 20 Spiral Ripples
ISBN 978-1978323865

Volumes 41 - 50

Vol 41 Neon Sign
ISBN 978-1978418035

Vol 42 Cartoon
ISBN 978-1978418851

Vol 43 Comic Speech
ISBN 978-1978435179

Vol 44 Glowing Bulb
ISBN 978-1978436299

Vol 45 Western
ISBN 978-1978450226

Vol 46 Art Deco
ISBN 978-1978455108

Vol 47 80s Chick Rainbow
ISBN 978-1978472655

Vol 48 80s Chick Pink
ISBN 978-1978473416

Vol 49 Illrepute
ISBN 978-1978474444

Vol 50 Planner Workbook
ISBN 978-1978474901

Volumes 21 - 30

Vol 21 Lavender Composition
ISBN 978-1978340251

Vol 22 Deco Diamonds & Circles
ISBN 978-1978340534

Vol 23 Zebra Stripes Comp
ISBN 978-1978342774

Vol 24 Leopard Spots
ISBN 978-1978343405

Vol 25 Open Mind
ISBN 978-1978343986

Vol 26 Creative Doodle
ISBN 978-1978345638

Vol 27 Floating Woman
ISBN 978-1978348066

Vol 28 Apples
ISBN 978-1978350939

Vol 29 Smutty Couple
ISBN 978-1978374171

Vol 30 Blue Composition
ISBN 978-1978376533

Look Inside!

Meet The ‘Authors’!

Deena Rae

Deena Rae started in Indie Publishing as the Digital Director of The Book Connection and owner of E-BookBuilders. With 20 years of being in the background of professional independent publishing, she took the plunge and decided to do it full-time in an effort to help move The Book Connection into the e-publishing arena. As a formatter who uses HTML, she has made E-Book Builders the company to depend on for difficult-to-format manuscripts and non-fiction. Even with a multitude of best selling authors on her client list, she is more than prepared to take a new author and show them the process and answer any questions an aspiring author might have.

Jump forward six years, no longer is E-BookBuilders part of a publishing entity, it is now a stand-alone endeavor catering to authors who want their books to go from Drab to Fab. Working closely with several publishing houses, E-BookBuilders is able to make the visual experience of reading a book or ebook a treat aesthetically.

As a formatter who uses HTML, she has made E-BookBuilders the company to depend on for difficult-to-format manuscripts and non-fiction. Deena is a tireless supporter of indie authors and publishers. Along with being the e-book builder other formatters call when they have a difficult or specialty manuscript, she also designs various websites for authors and publishers.

She has spent the past 18 months designing workbooks and planners for students, authors, and publishers.

[amazon_link asins=’1973789159,1973808706,1973790580,1973968312,1974039595,1973806665′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wwwebookbuild-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’47cfac4b-b80c-11e7-a7cb-f3cd6b4622a8′]


Tiffany Fox is a graduate of Missouri Southern State University with a Bachelor of Science in sociology. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in publishing. Since 2012, she has dedicated her life to her passion for literature. Tiffany has focused her skills on creative marketing strategies to further help authors achieve their literary goals. In the last couple of years, she has pushed her horizons in publishing and event coordinating with several successful author events called Indie Mashup. Along with her passion for marketing, her obvious obsession for books has allowed Tiffany to become a pivotal reference expert in editorial publishing. Authors are guided in an extensive, hands-on approach as she edits their manuscript, molding it into a beautifully polished novel.

About Beyond DEF:

Beyond DEF began as a vision to create a one-stop shop where an author could turn their manuscript into a polished novel without giving up royalties or paying high fees.

With over forty years of combined publishing, graphic design, and public relations experience, our team at Beyond DEF can create beautiful covers, precisely edited manuscripts, and professional-looking books to help your work catch the eye of the reader.
It’s simple. Authors need one place where they can go to get Design, Editing, and Formatting help. In addition, we at Beyond DEF will not only assist you with launching your book, but we will set up a marketing strategy which will jumpstart sales and get your story the attention it deserves.

What started out as a vision for helping authors produce their best books possible has turned into a unique business approach offering any writer a satisfactory publishing experience. Taking the author’s words and building a book is what the team at Beyond DEF is all about. We help authors make their literary dreams a reality.

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