Rattle by Olivia R. Burton


Paranormal Romance

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Finn’s a failure—at necromancy and life in general. “It’s not my fault,” he’d insist, looking deep into your eyes as he lifts your wallet. You’d catch him, of course. Because he’s a failure.

Veruca, on the other hand, is competence personified. She has to be, working as a Reaper directly under the Prince of Hell. When Finn shows up in a stolen sport coat and uses Veruca as cover from his murderous mistress’ glowering goons, she finds the one thing she may not be so good at: resisting Finn’s handsome face.

RATTLE hits all the best marks, delivering sex, laughs, romance, and action. Read it to follow along with Veruca and Finn as they fall in love, discover each other’s bodies, and try to save Finn from himself.


“My friend Mallory—she was the redhead at the gallery.” Veruca caught Finn’s eye to make sure he knew who she’d meant as she let him into the room. “She wanted me to attend her opening. She set me and Daniel up, but I don’t think that’s going anywhere.”

“You’re sure?” Finn asked, stopping in front of the plush couch to turn and meet her eye with a grin. “He was so interesting with his PPOs and STDs.”

Veruca laughed, closing in to push his stained vest off his shoulders. “If that’s what he’s got, I’m sure it’s not going anywhere.”

“What about this?” Finn asked, his voice quieter than he meant it. Veruca tipped her head, still standing close. She lowered her arm down, the vest trailing against the floor. “Is this going anywhere?”

Without hesitation, she lifted her free hand, cupped his cheek and drew him down into a kiss. It hit him like a rush, soaring through him from his lips to his toes in an electric storm. His body took over and he slid his arms around her, tugging her close, wishing that this time she’d stay. Part of his mind was wary, though, warning him that she might wander off at any moment and he shouldn’t hold too tight or hope too hard.

About the Author:

Olivia loves cats, action movies, and vegan candy. She won an award for her writing in high school and has been insufferable ever since. Rattle is her second novel out, so if you like what you read, check out her blog for another book set in the Preternatural Pacific Northwest!

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