Here were are on the verge of Valentine’s Day. I thought, with the upcoming release of my novel Immortal Need on the great day of love, why not help my readers, and anyone else who wants to take a gander, out with their Valentine’s Gifts?

So here is the Guide to Valentine’s Day, and I hope you enjoy it!

Gift #1 – Jimmyjane AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candle


I know, I know, you are thinking that a candle with HOT wax and massage oil don’t mix right? And you’d be correct. But this is no ordinary candle. This candle melts massage oils to the perfect melting temperature so you can provide a nice, soothing, decadent massage to him, or her.

This is a gift perfect for both sexes, and sure to please you every one involved!

Want one? Find them here.

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