I told you I was going downhill starting yesterday right? Well let’s dive on in!

Gift #11 – Orgasm in a Box

1442300-a-Orgasm-in-a-box-HisDid I forget to mention that this is for him? Sorry, I’m mentioning it now. Complete with some lube to enjoy his ultra soft egg experience, his masturbation sessions are not going to be the same after you give him one of these. And if you are there to help, or watch even better.

But, don’t think the gift giver is left out in the cold. The cock ring does have some extra vibration to prevent the moment of ultimate pleasure for him,  and add some extra pleasure for you. Yummy!!! Get him one…NOW! And then message me the details so I have some more research for my books.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait 🙂


Want one? Find them here.

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