We’ve reached the end of the road, and this is the last gift on your Valentine’s Day gift buying guide. This will help with the last part of your seduction we talked about yesterday, the verbal seduction.

Of course I’ll give you a piece of it here. What are friends for?

Gift #14 – Immortal Need

Ayah and Sevani's Story

Ayah and Sevani’s Story


Sevani, a Watcher for the goddess Freya, is a tortured man who killed his wife in a jealous rage and doesn’t believe in love, tasked to kill Ayah Miller. Sevani can’t do it, especially since Ayah’s carrying his dead wife’s soul. 

Ayah wants nothing more than rest after burying her father, until an immortal appears in her bedroom and tells her someone is trying to kill her. “Sleep” is the last thing she wants. Ayah doesn’t think Sevani wants her as much as his former wife. They must defeat a goddess if their love is to survive–or die trying. 


He could barely keep his hands off her. His Nila was pressed against his body. Her face was close to his as he surrounded her. If he lifted her a couple of inches, removed her clothes, and spread her legs, he could return to the bliss he knew was inside her. His cock vibrated and wept with need. When she’d stepped into the room, she stared at him with the same guileless green gaze he’d seen in his dreams. She had cut her hair, nearly half the length, so it just hit her shoulders, and it was straight, but she had the same face, the same coloring. And, gods, he was happy to see that she’d kept her figure. He’d never understood why the women of the current century thought it was beautiful to be as thin as sticks. He needed hips to grasp as he rode, and a curved slope to nip on as he trailed kisses down from her stomach to paradise. He wanted to feel breasts that were nearly overflowing in his hands and were pliable between his fingers. He wanted something that he knew wouldn’t break when he plowed forward.

He wanted her.

The citrus scent of her hair wafted to his nose, and he groaned inwardly. Would she still taste like the sweetest of fruits? How he wanted to taste her lips again, to taste every part of her mouth until he’d memorized it. Would she let him? If he claimed her mouth, would she fight, or would she give in? He didn’t think about Freya’s warning not to sully her as he turned Ayah in his arms and braced her against the door again. He didn’t care. She had told him not to sully her, not that he couldn’t taste her, couldn’t kiss her within an inch of her life. She had, in a past life, been his woman. She’d belonged to him as much as he’d belonged to her. Surely the goddess would not deny him this one taste. He wouldn’t take any more, he swore it. Just one glimpse of what he once had and he would do his duty. He would protect her and take her life with his own blade. He just needed to show her, before the end came, that she meant everything to him. Her wary eyes scanned his face. He didn’t know what she saw there, but her eyes widened as her mouth went slack. The heat of her breath caressed his mouth even as he leaned forward.

“Just once,” he whispered against her lips. Nothing else meant as much. He sealed her mouth with his, and his mind exploded. She tasted of the same fruit, but there was something different, tastier now. She had a hint of spice to her from this life, and he feared he would crave her now more than he had before. He turned his head and grasped the side of her face to hold her in place, and his hips anchored hers against the wall. She was as hot as a furnace, her tongue moist and slippery as it dueled with his. She was Nila, and yet she was not. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. She showed a passion that Nila from the past had been too demure to show. Her legs wrapped around his waist, she was grinding her heated core against his cock with wild abandon. Such fire, and he burned with it.

His blood rolled through his veins like molten lava as he sucked her tongue in his mouth. She moaned, and he captured the sound. His hips pushed into hers. He needed to feel her, desperately wishing there were no clothes separating them. She tasted of his past, his present, and his future. How was he supposed to let her go? How was he supposed to walk away from her? How had he even thought that he could? He left her mouth, trailing kisses down her chin and over her neck as he gripped her hips with rough hands and forced her body into hard contact with his over and over again. He just wanted to taste a little more, and then he would let her go. He had to. What he did now was dangerous for the both of them. But as she rolled into his movements, gave in to his needs, he couldn’t quite remember the reason he should stop, or why he shouldn’t have touched her in the first place.

“More,” she moaned, and he nipped her collarbone in response, lost in the feel of her. There was too much material in the way of his seeking mouth. It needed to be gone. Now seemed like a good time to remedy that. He was rougher than he intended, but too far gone to stop, he let go of her hip with one hand and pulled at her black buttoned blouse. Buttons went flying, but he didn’t stop. He’d exposed the exquisite sight of her creamy breasts covered in a lacy black bra.

“Yes, more,” he growled and ripped the material from her body, flinging it over his shoulder. Her breasts were bigger than he remembered, heavier at the bottom. Her nipples stood out in hard pink tips begging for his attention. So pretty. He would be happy to oblige. Using his free hand to cup the mound of flesh, he sucked a nipple into his mouth. He nipped and laved the tip until her hips were grinding against his with more desperation than finesse. She felt so good, and tasted so good. He kissed his way to the other nipple and gave it equal attention. Candy. Her nipples were his own personal candy, perfectly made, and sweetened just for his mouth. He couldn’t ignore them if Freya herself was standing there.

“God yes,” she moaned.

“Are you close, baby?” he groaned out, never one to speak during lovemaking before, but he wanted to hear her voice, wanted to hear the breathless quality that his touch had created. For so long she’d been gone from him. Too long.

“Yes. Please,” she begged, and what sort of man would he be if he didn’t respond as necessary?

“Let go,” he said and used both of his hands to push her breasts together toward his waiting mouth. He sucked both nipples and bit down, even as he ground his hips against her in stark demand. He felt it, the tremble in her limbs, could smell the cloying scent of her arousal and hear her sharp breaths as she shattered against him. He rode her through it, the pleasure building up until his balls drew tight against his body and his cock jerked. One, two, three more pumps and he was roaring his pleasure into the night, his knees buckling. They fell together in a heaving mass of limbs and hair, and he’d never felt more complete in his life.

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