Hello every one! Things have been going crazy over here with everything. For those who have been reading my blog you have seen that I’ve been working on my piece for #sytycw2013 with Harlequin Books, released Dragon’s Ward, wrote the last book in the Claimed series, Accepting Their Claim, awaiting the November release of Taken by Lust, and kicking off it’s blog tour, AND the release of A Date to Remember, is in just 6 days! I am very surprised I am bot completely bald from trying to pull my hair out. Thank you DH for being by my side and soothing the frayed nerves. You love is the stuff of dreams, and you don’t even know it! 

Anyway, as my own form of release, thank you, and support of readers (because where would writers be without them?) I am giving away one copy of A Date to Remember every day up until release. That’s five copies of the book up for grabs! Not only that, over my blog tour I will be offering free copies of Taken by Lust, so stay tuned for that as well!

So Let’s get this #Giveaway on the roll! I am going to ask my questions for Today through Thursday. The first commentator to answer correctly gets the copy of the book. That easy. And we can have some fun!

Sunday 10/12/2013: What are the names of every book I’ve published (Hint: Amazon Author Page will be your best friend here!)

Get ready! Get set! GO!

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