James Doyle isn’t your typical straight-laced, good ol’ American boy. To be frank, he doesn’t seem much interested in the typical. And why would he be when being the “bad boy” is so much fun? He drinks, he fights, he hates as much as he loves, and on most recently, the A List: Dallas. Sitting down with him I expected a boozing, catty boy with an inflation of the head syndrome. What I got shocked me and made me rather happy. Talking with him I got to set the record straight, and get some exclusive tidbits while I was as it. Smooth, sexy, and a hell of a voice, James allowed me to have a sit down with him and was honest and real with me. Haters of James Doyle watch out; you’re only making him stronger.

Just as easy as could be James is there with me, laughing at himself stating he’s “just getting ready for the Holiday. Got a lot going on with the A-List tour, every weekend, probably going to want to kill myself”. I guess you could say that the lime light can be a lot for someone. Things get murky, stories get turned around and the world really just may not know the truth. People suddenly feel like they’re your best friends just because they see you on T.V. “Yea,” he continues, “fame feels worse. I mean people feel like they can come up to you and say anything like it won’t hurt your feelings. It makes it hard to be yourself. Like I have security with me to big events. A couple of months ago I got into a fight. This guy just kept talking and talking. Then when I was leaving her keeps going then hits me in the back. I just turned around and lost it. But it’s weird because that was a few months ago and you [viewers] are just seeing it. It’s like reliving it over again. So now security is at big events with me, in the background so no one knows they are there.”

I’m sure his spotlight in the A List as the alcoholic probably isn’t helping very much at all as well. “I was really open this season, and too honest. I drink a ton, but like, last night I was out for six hours but didn’t drink. I drink a lot but not all of the time. The show doesn’t show everything, I’m the drunk role. Everyone has their roles to play.”

And it seems he plays the role well. But he does make clear there are others on the show that drink like him, but it’s just not seen the same way. His own vice, self-stated, is “drinking and alcohol. I’m not drinking right now,” he adds quickly laughing, “but socially I drink. But I have anxiety in crowds…it’s hard. I’m always worrying, always wondering what someone is saying. It’s scary now.”

As massive and as in your face as James is you’d never believe he had anxiety or trouble in crowds. This is the same boy who is usually going after Taylor with vengeance and teeth. “Taylor is a manipulate, awkward, boyish mean and catty person.” James breaks in when asked about Taylor. “You know, the junior high type. You see him like that on the show…and that’s really how he is. Like I’ve never turned down a single picture, autograph, or person. I hate that. Taylor does that a lot. He’s like ‘do you know who I am?’ Like the bars in Houston hate him, but I can walk in and get first class treatment. It’s sad though because he’s actually a nice guy one on one. But in a crowd or around people he’s a douche.”

But if drinking is his vice, and he seems to have so many troubles attached to it, why does this man seem so very confident when he’s in public? He’s the man of the hour, the friend to have. The party boy to be around.  So anxiety, it really just doesn’t fit.

“Yea, you wouldn’t think so. I hide it well. I need that presence. I don’t want them to win. But, like, I never go out alone. My friends are always with me, to keep an eye on me. They are really good about watching me. If they see I’m getting to my limit they come in for me.”

Yet, the drinking hasn’t really stopped. It’s there, along with him for the ride, and not easy to let go of. Even in one of the most horrific experiences of his life he was drunk.

“It was my first audition ever and I was drunk as hell. I let Logo tape it, I’m drunk and dancing but I got the part. But it was horrible.”

So where does James want to go from here. Where is he going next? What’s on his plate next? Is there more to James Doyle then issues with Levi not wanting to admit having sex with him and his drinking?

“A lot,” he answers. “[I’m] looking at a clothing line, a book and a beer. , I had m y coming out story already. But this would be growing up in a rural town and the things I went through. I want to get it out there to connect to others. The clothing line will be shirts and stuff. I want to build my own brand. The show is my catalyst for that. I mean, I had a fan come to me with a gift that had candy canes and vodka in it. I want people like that wearing my clothes. I mean I see someone out wearing a shirt with one of my sayings on it I want to by them a shot! I love seeing that. I’m hoping to finalize the clothing on Monday. My website is being updated. And a brewery in NYC for my own beer. I mean since I’m known as the drunk why not have my own beer? So I’m working on that.”

So much more is going on inside then what meets the eye. And if you’re a fan of A List: Dallas you’re wanting to know if there is going to be another season…Well James answered that too.

“I mean we all want to. But that’s on the Network. They haven’t said anything. They may be waiting for closer to the end of the show to have the ratings in and their board meetings. I think we will”

James is moving on. Plans to go on so much further than the show and the common perception of him. Whether he accomplishes that goal or not we’ll all have to just wait and see.

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