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Jade’s favorite pastime…

images (2)Jade is a simple creature with complicated tastes. When she’s not immersed in her work, or in a tug-o-war love triangle, there are a few things that she loves to do. She’s a journalist at heart, but her true passion is listening to music.

She learned to appreciate a variety of music at an early age. Her otherwise strict grandmother had an eclectic music collection. Saturday mornings while she cleaned, she would blast Soca & Calypso tunes that reminded her of her Jamaican roots, Aretha Franklin, and even a few salsa tunes. Jade also garnered an appreciation for big band and swing artists from the old black and white films that they used to watch together. She expanded on this interest by joining the school band as a baritone sax player. Every now and then, she pulls out her old horn and blows it out.
growing up


19331-800wIn 2002 Jade was 15 years old. Having a social life was a no go, so music became her entertainment. Destiny’s Child, Beyonce, Greenday, and Justin Timberlake performed for her on the regular. Growing up in the heart of Miami, she was no stranger to the heavy bass beats of rappers like Trina, and Trick Daddy. Even though she had to sneak these explicit songs via her iPod earbuds, she spent countless nights in front of her mirror dancing to her local stars.


She also spent most summers in Brooklyn, NY with her Aunt Vivian and cousin Jackie. There she developed a deep infatuation with Hip Hop and Reggae. The chrishell-61Notorious BIG was notably one of BK’s most revered rappers and became Jade’s favorite, his Sky’s the Limit is one of her all time favorites.


NY Influence


Coming into adulthood was a pivotal time in Jade’s life. The passing of her grandmother, when Jade was 18, images (4)revcame as a hard blow to her already sensitive psyche. Besides her best friend Colleen and her then boyfriend/fiance Evan, music was what she used to cope. Faced with the challenges of raising her younger brother, starting college, and entering into her first serious relationship, all while mourning her loss, she needed an escape. She submerged herself in dark and meaningful songs with lyrics she could identify with, and party tunes that allowed her to dance her cares away.

jades 20s part 2

Jades 20s



Jade rounds out her musical tastes with a secret love of soulful ballads. Put on some Al Green, Hall and Oates, The Manhattans or even The Isley Brothers and she’s putty in your hand. 😉

Just Jade


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