Okay, guys, so I had a crazy idea that I decided to try out and I hope you all will help out. I’ve been hearing a lot about Kickstarter and how it’s been helping people get projects off the ground. I thought, hey, why not? Aren’t getting your books out there a personal project that can be a massive undertaking? Isn’t it expensive to get publicity, publishing, editing, and the whole nine, when you’re not with a publisher? (And even then today’s authors have to be proactive n their marketing. It’s not all about just writing a good book anymore.) Anyway, most people know me for writing really hot and sexy interracial paranormal romance, but, some of you, also know I got my start with Fantasy as my genre. Baile was a Fantasy novel with Romance elements, as was Stolen Warrior. So I decided to go back to my roots. I am writing another novel, titled Of Fire and Ice, that is a Fantasy Romance novel, much like my first books. It will be under my own publishing company A World of Literary Fantasy or A WOLF Press. This project is now something that I’ve added to Kickstarter, as it will be entirely my own piece, and outside of the general novels I write. I am really excited about it.

The book is about Kavion, a young woman who is a part of a world that’s made up of Mages, Humans, Beastmasters, dragons, Angels, and even Fallen Angels. She’s a Mage who finds her life completely ripped apart when she falls for a Fallen Angel, is betrayed by those that are closest to her, and has to struggle to regain her place, and her love, when everything is stripped from her. Her journey takes her to different lands, more danger, and an even deeper love. Kavion, in essence, is the epitome of a Fantasy heroine.

But I wanted to do something different. I wanted to give readers a chance to be a part of the project. I wanted them to help make this novel what it will be, to get a chance to receive exclusive prizes (like autographed copies of the novel before it is available to the public, features on my podcast, and a personal thank you call from me, to name a few!) Readers…here’s you chance, and my thank you. You can be a part of something wonderful, can say you help publish a novel from a writer you love, can say that you put a stamp on a book where millions of people will potentially be able to read your name (as my backers will be listed in my dedication and acknowledgements). I want to ask you to join my cause, to stand behind me so that I can give even more to my readers. Help me. And thank you in advance.

You can find my project here

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