Hideki Watanabe has been the right hand for Andrezj Adamek, Gamma of the South Texas clan, for the last ten years. When Andrazej, who he normally calls Sasha, cannot be with the clan when he’s with his mate Jezzie, it is Hideki who takes command of the security detail. Calm and often quiet, very few ever get to see Hideki as anymore than a machine of efficiency and dominance.

All except Tobias Walters.

Privately Tobias and Hideki had been lovers’ not because the Clan would shun it, but because both men know that when they find their mates they will have to break free of each other. Their love has driven them to hide their relationship for the women that will one day come into their lives. But when they meet Sonja Taylor, both men realize that fate has given them a chance at happiness, together…If they don’t they let themselves realize the chance before they lose it.

See how he gets both his mates in Accepting Their Claim

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