Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Watanabe Hideki desu. Douzo yoroshiku. Hajimeru…

Ah, Hideki?


They don’t speak Japanese, love. I need you to write in English if you’re going to take over this post.

You understood what I said.

Yes, but then I majored in East Asian Studies at Florida State (Go Seminoles!)

Translate it for them. I’m not good at repeating myself.

I’m not your sub *geez* But, to translate. Hideki has introduced himself (very respectfully I might add) and told you his name. He then said it was a pleasure to meet you.

That is not all.

He then said to begin…but I cut him off. Anything else Hideki?

Iie, watashi no tomodachi. (my friend. He just won’t stop! But I’ll jump in when necessary :P)I can take it from here. LeTeisha asked me to share with you my favorite past-time. I was not sure why this would be important  but LeTeisha assured me that this would please both Sonja and Tobias, and I am all for pleasing them…in every way. 

Focus, Hideki. Focus.

As I was saying. My favorite past-time is fighting, of course. To be specific, I studied several forms, from the archaic beginnings of Karate, Naha-ta, to Krav Maga. Martial Arts is about discipline for me, the connection of kokoro (translation: mind, body and spirit) It is not so I can kill without care, or harm those around me. It’s about defense, unless the best defense if offense. I have begun to greatly enjoy some MMA fighters because of my mixed background in arts and the skill the men possess.

anderson silva ufc mma

Anderson Silva – The Spider 

What I like about Silva is his control. He may have finally ended the longest title defense record just recently, but the man is a consummate warrior. There is no one, overall, truly better than him…that’s human anyway. I am sure I could beat him, but I have inhuman strength  I also like this man because he started by training himself. He was poor, hadn’t had the money to get lessons and he’d still prevailed. That is strength of the mind and spirit, and not just the body. 

Georges St-Pierre – GSP


Here is another man I greatly respect. He is a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) of Kyokushin. Even in accordance with tradition he has tattooed his flesh. The one above his shoulder means, and no, LeTeisha, you don’t have to translate, that there is good as well as violence in him, but respect is what is most important. There are not many men with his skill that continue to be so humble and compassionate in such a violent sport.

 For me, these men remind me of home, in their own ways. I like the sport because I repect the discipline it takes to maintain themselves. I don’t compete. It would be unfair to humans, but I have to keep myself in the best physical form in order to protect my pack. I am second to Andrezej, head of sercurity for the South Texas Clan and, now that he is mated, he isn’t placed in the same danger he was before. It is not to say he is soft, mind you, but I know that I must take his place if anything ever happens to him, and Jezzie would bite my head off. She is a human woman I believe should have been a wolf!

I hope, now, that I am done?

Seriously Hideki?

Tobias has need of me.

Or do you have need of him?

Perhaps, but he’s been lying on my bed, stripped and tied, for the last hour, and your interview has stretched his time longer than expected. I need to…relieve him.

*picks jaw up off the floor and then swallows* By all means Hideki. Hideki? Hello?

Gomenasai. (I am sorry) Sonja has joined Tobias already. Good bye.

Did he just disappear? Wow.

Well I hoped you enjoyed your time with Hideki, and we will be back tomorrow!

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