So-You-Think-You-Can-Dance-Season-8-Episode-17-2-of-10-Voted-OffOkay, okay, I admit…I’m a huge fan of dancing. I would have become a dancer if it hadn’t been for my love for animals. I think what makes me love the show so much is the amount of amazing dancers they have who would never have been seen any other way. I mean some of these dancers have skills that have to be on a movie somewhere. (Does that tell you that I am also a BIG fan of dance movies too?) That was something that I loved sitting with Lilly Mac and LeTeisha over. Both of them love dance movies too. I think they just had a recent Facebook conversation about Dirty Dancing (1 & 2), Honey, and Step-Up 4…which brings me to think about one of my favorite dancers on SYTYCD…

Screen Actors Guild Foundation, SAG-AFTRA And Career Transitions For Dancers Presents "Dancers Forum"Stephen “tWitch” Boss and Fik=Shun. I think what I like about him is that he is such a big man to do the things that he does. He’s not really built for such flexibility but he has it. Ellen has fallen in love with him, and even performed a dance with him on the show for one of the contestants, Alex, who’d had to drop out after an injury. The love Stephen has for dance is evident every time he steps on the stage.

Fikshun5You can see it as he makes people laugh, or makes them want to jump out of their seats because of his skill. It’s something amazing to watch.  So when I saw that he’d been added to the Step-Up line up I was pumped. I loved seeing him in number 3 and his Krumping skills. It was not his first movie foray, but I think it was one of his most successful, in my eyes, because it truly showcased him, and allowed him to stay with the Step-Up franchise. He didn’t disappoint me in Step-Up 4…though I will totally admit that Moose, Adam Sevani in real life, completely floored me. I’m just saying, I rewind his 1 minute part in the final dance over and over and over! Matter of fact I watch the ENTIRE ending over and over because of Sasha, the main character’s best friend’s real name, and the final dance between the main couple.

Actually, I think LeTeisha added the song from the final dance of the couple, To Build a Home, to the third taster for our book. See? We share the passion for dance LOL.

Well, Hideki is starting to get demanding and Tobias is helping him so I have to go…So I’ll see you guys later!

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