018_norfolk_vaNewport News, Virginia is home for me, before I came to Texas. I went to Virginia Tech Veterinarian School, which is one of the best in the United States, I might add. Newport News has a feel to it, and something that LeTeisha and I had a lot to talk about over. We both went to Warwick High School, home of Michael and Marcus Vick, and were International Baccalaureate students there. We made jokes about cheerleading definitely being a sport, and that Coach Diamondback was a hard ass on his football players. Much like LeTeisha, I was a dancer on the dance team, and ran track and field. I loved every minute of growing up there!

Bad News, as we sometimes call it, has a feel to it. Because it is surrounded by every branch of the military, and some other government buildings, it is a place full of diversity and movement. The Hampton Coliseum has all sorts of shows from Monster Trucks, to concerts, to even basket ball games!

NNOther times I spend my time in the City Center. That’s where a lot of things go down. There is the game center, Hi ho Silver where you can buy some of the best jewelry I’ve seen in a while! You can get some great sushi at Yukisaba, though now that Hideki makes it for me I don’t feel nostalgia as much. Thank the Lord for him! Also, it’s where you can have fun at some good bars! The drinks are hot, the dance floor popping, and it doesn’t close until nearly 4 am! It’s a time to have. Really it is. Salsa is big over there, so, of course, I can do some serious Salsa! Toss in some Bachata and I’m ready to go! But that’s not all that’s there, either. I love going to Ft. Eustis and shopping on base. My father was a doctor in the Army, so soldiers have a special place in my heart. The Puerto Rico day parade is also there, and many of my friends go out to support it on base. The amount of pride for both the United States and PR is amazing to see as every one gets together. It’s all about the red, white, and blue for both countries.

But that’s where I’m from. I think LeTeisha has made it so that I will be seeing you guys all week so I’ll see you tomorrow!

Later 🙂

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