Poison Apology is the companion piece to
the novel Winter’s Island.

In this novel, we meet Ivy Naidoo, an international model from Johannesburg, SA. She is in a world where she only lives for others, whether it her abusive parents or her greedy manager. With a last stitch effort to fight through her daily pain, she takes a modeling job in the beautiful Saint Thomas, VI. On her first day in the tropics, she meets a commanding man named Jeremiah Gatling that has an allure that she has never experienced before. She is so drawn in that it forever changes her life and existence as she knows it.

Jeremiah Gatling is a powerful man who is living his days out on the breathtaking island of Saint Thomas when he meets the woman that will always be bonded with him from first sight – Ivy Naidoo. He brings her into his world offering her love and loyalty. He frees her from her treacherous life only to implant her into his own personal Hell. He feels remorseful for making her live through his suffering but little
does he know, some Hells are better than others.


or That


I would have to say the top. I love to be in
control and for others to submit…especially the strong ones who put up a fight.



1.     When my muse for William Gatling of Winter’s Island made love to me. That
St. Thomas, VI heat is amazing. And he was a giver…lol.

2.    Giving oral while surrounded by police. To think they thought I was a prostitute…for shame, he was my boyfriend.

3.    Sex on the hood of a car is always a nice addition

4.    When the guy had seizures ~ does a little something to the ego

5.    I cured a man’s impotency…well…until we split… hahaha

6.    My first visit to a strip club ~ afterward, that was some of the best sex of my life

7.    First time having sex while watching porn ~ amazing

8.    Every time I masturbate #MasturbateMondays

9.    Losing my virginity ~ Got to love the first time

10. My first spanking ~ I <3 spankings


Here I am with the best villains in the world, Jeremiah and Ivy, from Poison Apology, to ask some questions about the much awaited companion book to Winter’s Island.

*Sucks teeth* everything always has to be about Cay doesn’t it? Bitch.

Ivy? What’s wrong?

Go ahead with your questions. Ivy, behave yourself.

Oh shit. Is that the look…*chills* is that the  I mean business look from the book?

That would be the one.

*Ahem* Well to the questions. Jeremiah, what the hell, really was so special about Cay Winters? I ask because Ivy is quite obviously your mate, from both books, and it’s so
evident in PA, but you went to some great length for you ambitions.

It’s simple…Cay presents certain abilities and powers that would make Ivy and I on the top of the world.
She presents a height that any vamp would want. Very rare.

You describe Ivy as you mate, and, at the end of the book, that was more apparent than anyone could
imagine. Was is all worth it?

To be honest…it wasn’t. I just wanted to give her the world. A better me.

Sex, lies, drug, alcohol, and sex out of this world filled your love story, Ivy. Did you feel that you
love was doomed from the start, just like Bonnie and Clyde?

Our love is hot. Who wouldn’t want a sexy/dirty love like ours. Bonnie and Clyde had nothing on us.

Okay, that car scene…since we are on the matters of sex *hehehe* WOW. What was going through
your mind at that moment Jeremiah? Why so desperate to show how you felt?

Well…eh hem…there were several car scenes. I’m not sure which one you are referring to but the most
intense one was after we met Cay Winters. I was drunk with power and I had an itch…<sly grin>…Ivy definitely scratched it well.

Ivy, you teetered a lot between giving Jeremiah everything he wanted and jealousy over Cay. Why was that such a problem when you should have been able to sense what he really felt across the bond you shared?

When it comes down to it…I was willing to give Jeremiah the world because I would want the world and
he had given it to me by giving me a new life. Yes his scheme was crazy but I’m his ride or die…no matter what bitches I have to run over in the process.

Before you have to go, Ivy, you had one final surprise up your sleeve. Will your servant seek revenge on Cay and William (you know what for…I don’t want to mess it up for everyone else!)?

Janice is a very great companion…dutiful, loyal, trustworthy…and a phenomenal lover. That’s all I
can say about that.

Poison Excerpt

“Well what brings you by after all these years?” Before he could answer, she gazed behind him where Ivy stood. “I see,” she stammered then walked around him
to face Ivy.

Jeremiah was confused watching his aunt look Ivy over from head to toe like she was studying her. Ivy’s stance also baffled him. She wasn’t nervous. Dominance
is what she exhibited.

“So this is why you come by? I felt her, you know? I could feel her birth since we all share the line. Your father’s bloodline is strong and now she is filled
with us. Connected, you know?” Jeremiah just listened to her words offering no response. He wasn’t sure how she would react to Ivy. He definitely didn’t count
on her knowing that Ivy had been turned. Jeremiah’s plan was to ease into that conversation.

Ma faced him. “Do you know the problems this could cause Jeremiah? Why would you do this?”

“I couldn’t help…I don’t,” he began to stammer as he searched for the words to answer her questions.

“There hasn’t been a created one of our kind in centuries. We are all of the bloodline. This thing,” she motioned to Ivy, “could cause troubles.”

“I’ve been teaching her. She’s doing well auntee. Her thirst is tame. I can handle it.” Jeremiah was beginning to feel his fury rising.

“Her thirst isn’t tame chile. Look at her. She is hungry like an animal and you can’t possibly stop her urges,” Ma shouted. Jeremiah growled then his fangs grew. “Don’t you dare show your teeth to me. I can snap your neck like a twig boy,” she spat. In a flash of light, Ivy raced to his side with her fangs drawn and dripping.

“Don’t you threaten him or you’ll have to deal with me.” Jeremiah couldn’t believe his eyes. Ivy was trying to protect him. He could feel her body pulsing to attack, so he needed to calm himself and gain control of the situation, but in that moment everything escalated. William stormed through the kitchen doors
from the direction of the dining room. He stood in front of Ma blocking her from Ivy and Jeremiah.

“What the fuck are you doing Jeremiah? And who is she?” William snarled his fangs white and dripping with foam.

“Who the fuck are you talking to?” Ivy threw back then Ma slowly raised her hands into the air. Her hands and fingers poised away from her body like a dancer. Jeremiah began to feel weak. Every muscle in his body felt like the life was being sucked out of it. His fangs returned to their hiding spot and his vision began to blur. Ivy crumpled to the floor out cold and William held on to the table for support then she lowered her hands in a flash and returned their energy.

Jeremiah dropped to Ivy’s side. She was still unconscious, but the last thing he wanted was her to get hurt. The visit was supposed to be friendly, but it was
filled with disgust and hate.

“William, you get out of here,” Ma shouted. He faced her. The impeccable strength and power of a century old vampire was there to answer any rebuttals. William took a breath to glare at Jeremiah then Ivy then he left out of the kitchen.

“Now for you chile. You were always a problem. Mean. Hateful. I wasn’t the one who took your momma from you, but this that you’ve done is unacceptable. Get her
up out of here and don’t you or she come back unless you want a dead baby vampire.”

Jeremiah ignored her warning, because he planned to never visit her again. His aunt had just caused harm to the one person he loved. He would never return.




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Author Bio

Lillian MacKenzie Rhine (“Lilly Mac”) writes in several genres ranging from paranormal to historical.  She believes that the possibilities of creation should not be limited to just one category, but allow the story and characters to dictate where the journey leads.  Being a beta reader for several years has allowed her to write her material with the reader in mind giving her books a more realistic and relatable approach. Her debut novella, Memoirs of a Succubus, is a loose rendition of her life portrayed into a paranormal format. She has gone on to write a steamy, vampire romance novel, Winter’s Island, two months after her debut release with many more works in progress releasing about every two months. Her website is also full of free reads and interesting posts that are enjoyed by many genders, races, and adult ages. 

“An open mind expands all horizons, and I don’t want to miss a thing.” ~ Lilly Mac

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