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PL3Port Lavaca is a small town in South Texas, just about an hour or so north of Corpus Christi. Most people have never heard of it, and that’s okay. Type in the zip code and most search engines will spit out Long Mott for it. It’s a place that every one knows every one and is in every one else’s business, but you can’t help but love them. It’s just how it is in small town Texas. It’s got a really good feel for Tex-Mex, so, of course, I love the food there. I try to cook it for Hideki sometimes, but the spice sometimes messes with him. I laugh about it, and he gets me back, in the most delicious ways. I guess I’ll have to cook him some tonight. Could be fun…

Tobias, you are getting off topic. This post is supposed to be about your home town.


Um…yea. What about Port Lavaca again?

PL2Oh yes, right. Anyway, it’s home of the bird sanctuary, and is on the coast. That mean a lot of seafood. If you don’t like crab, shrimp, oysters, or fish, then you may not want to go to half of the restaurants there. I spent a lot of my time in the Legends bar, or at Tequillaville before it became Bombers. That was about six years after I left home so I don’t know how Bombers is, but the location is still nice. I love the area though. It’s a country town where country music is still king, cowboys are real, and the women love them. I guess, then, it’s only fair that Sonja thought I reminded her of the Marlboro Man when she first saw me. I do own a felt Stetson hat, and I love it. I let her wear it sometimes. Sonja…

Tobias you are drifting again…

Sorry about that…it’s just so hard…hard…need Sonja and Hideki…

Focus Tobias.

Can’t, sorry. Must leave. I’ll see you tomorrow though, I promise.

I swear, Hideki was the easiest one to interview so far out of the lot. What they hell have I gotten myself into??

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