Many of you know that I competed in the So You Think You Can Write Contest 2013 that was hosted by Harlequin for my book IMMORTAL NEED. It was an amazing chance, if for no other reason than writing an entire 81k book in just about a month! (NaNoWriMo eat you heart out!) Not that it was the only reason, I assure you. I met some great friends, other authors that I would be drooling to see their work in print, awesome editors, that answered so many questions it was ridiculous, and some good critiques, because my first page was chosen in the First Page Challenge.


Either way it has been an amazing experience, but I wasn’t chosen to continue in the competition, and that’s not to say the book was great, but with over 650 entrants and only 50 spots to move on…game is hard. Got the word to submit to the slush pile and I decided to hold off. I’m not sure why. I just didn’t want to jump right back in. Maybe, because, if they had loved it so much they would have moved me up into the Top 50. So I decided why not move to something else?

And, hence, the reason for this post. Writing is a lonely, singular road, and writers love it, and hate it in equal measure. But we write because we can’t NOT write. So when you don’t get the “Congratulations you are accepted!” Don’t give up. Because, frankly, you can’t. You have to write, and it is subjective. Just because that particular agent, editor, or publisher did not want that piece does not mean they don’t want you, another piece, or more work at a later date. Or, hell, someone else wants the same piece they just rejected. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Just after I got denied for IMMORTAL NEED I penned the final book of the Claimed series, Accepting Their Claim, and it was accepted! It will be out soon! Now, I’m working on some revisions for IMMORTAL NEED and the second and third book in the Immortal series are getting thought up even as I write this.

I know, when it’s all said and done, whether it’s by my Press A WOLF Press, or another company, IMMORTAL NEED, IMMORTAL SLAVE, and IMMORTAL UNLEASHED will be published, because I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.


And neither, my fellow writers, can you.


As always,

Happy Reading and Writing

LeTeisha Newton

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