All the points brought up by the other reviewers are valid, but…..Ms. Newton never disappoints with her sex scenes and yes, the book may have been a little on the short side (for me I found the length just right).

The story is this: Xavier, the Alpha of the Sensers, is in a mating frenzy, and try as he might he just can’t get any satisfaction — even while in a club where satisfaction is its reason for being. He is about to leave when he sees Siren. Siren was kidnapped by the club’s owner and held in bondage. She is human, and therefore hated by Sensers.

The hatred came about because at one point Sensers were tasked with protecting and guiding their human charges, but humans feared them and sought their destruction! The Sensers leave Earth and fashion a new home world where they do their best to regrow their populace.

This for me was the beauty of the book: the full and well-painted back story of each of the characters and how tightly Ms. Newton did this. I loved getting the information without it being dragged out over several chapters, the information kept the story flowing while informing you of the damage each character suffered, and how that suffering fashioned the people they became.

I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone considering purchasing the book, so I will only say this…the villain was plenty for me, I wanted that bastard to die from the minute he entered the story and was saddened when Xavier chose to let him live.

The only place this story fell short for me was what eventually happened with Siren’s story (as I said don’t want to spoil it). This was not Ms. Newton’s fault I just feel this plot device has been overused, or maybe I just keep reading the books that use it 🙂

I thoroughly enjoy Ms. Newton’s story-telling and hope to read more from this tale.
(In full disclosure: a copy of this story was sent to me by the author.)


Thank you so very much!!!! You can read the review here

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