Miranda takes us to another world here. Each page develops on the next, each line made to mean something. This is not a book of poetry like I’ve ever seen. Even the table of contents flows right into the words in the way of a veteran at publishing, not a newbie. The piece just touched me, from the soul out, so much so that I couldn’t put it down until I completed it. Even after I put it down I was still thinking about it and had to write my review immediately. I may have received this book as a free copy for the author, who in turn did not even ask me for a review!, but I will gladly pay for it now, just to support her work.

Just some lines that resonate:

As it is, this place belongs to me:
each blade of grass,
my carpet;
each branch of tree,
my canopy;


As it is, this place
whispers, like my love: it speaks
in rhythm; it murmurs in rhyme;
it gives pause and a chance
to change, to grow, to progress
in a time of recess
from the life back home;

I don’t want to post more, because to do so would take away from reading the peace all at once, but I applaud this author in her craft, her talent, and her gospel soul.

Welcome to the world Miranda, I believe we have been waiting for you…

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