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I picked this book up the same day I got Unbearable. I wasn’t ready to leave the world that Wren created and I had to see how Snow got her happily ever after. Snow wasn’t anything like her sister. She was soft when Red was hard, sweet when Red could be deadly. She didn’t think that she could find a love that blazed hotter than the sun.

Oh, how wrong she was.

Darien is perfect for her, in so many ways. I was happy to see him show Snow White just how pure of heart she was and full of fire her passion could be. Being sweet, kind, and loving was perfect for her. But he was the man meant to be hers, and with him she could let a bit of her naughty side out.

If she can stay alive long enough to kill him.

Here is where the villain was absolutely perfect, and a total add. I loved to hate her, and that, sometimes, means as much as loving the heroes. Bravo Wren. Bravo!

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