Amazon reviews of Memoirs of a Succubus
5.0 out of 5 stars My, My, My July 5, 2013
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This book is truly entertaining! Natalya is a dynamic and intriguing character. The author draws you in from the very start, and then creates a very vivid backdrop for the story. Despite the titles reference to a succubus, Natalya doesn’t actually know what she is, or why she has such strong urges. Her quest to satisfy her desires is very thought out and she makes no qualms about what she wants. Her scenes are hot and steamy, and tasteful. And then there was Sinnocent… I’m not going to spoil anything, but Oh yeah!! I can’t wait for the sequel!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Never a dull moment! July 5, 2013
By SJones
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Bought this today, read it in its entirety today. The characters are interesting, mysterious, but totally relatable. Sex scenes are fabulous and the bit of something outside reality makes it even steamier. Can’t wait to find out more about both Natalya and Nahema

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