So obviously I did make an impression on Brook because she decided to corral her men into my home for a little conversation with them. I’ve never seen men that look quite like these…Wow. Anyway, back to focusing time, because, the way they keep looking at the door, I can almost guarantee I won’t have their attention for long!

Stefan, you’re the Ryu of these mean right? What is that exactly?

Stefan: Basically it means Dragon. I’m really the Ryuichi, first dragon, or King Dragon. I lead my followers. 

Cadoc: Yea, as long as I kick every one’s ass in line that is.

That’s right Cadoc, your or the Kylin right?

Cadoc: Yea. It basically means i chew the head off anyone who challenges my Ryuichi, gui, or Feng. *eyes go sultry at the mention of Feng*


Nero: That would be Brook

Cadoc: Damn she tastes so good. Stefan–

Stefan: Focus. We are here to talk business.

Cadoc: But I want to taste her again. Now.

Stefan: Soon

(Oh my god! I had that woman. I’m going to shoot her with a .45 and then take her place. I swear it.)

Nero: You’re scaring the poor woman.

(Hardly. I want to go next!) Ahem. Of course not. It’s lovely that you all are so…passionate about her.

Nero: Passion isn’t the word. In an infinity of sunrises I would never find one more beautiful than her. She is my love, my life, my everything.

Stefan: She is everything to us all. The very air I breathe.

Cadoc: The blood in my veins. 

(And their romantic too! Nevermind I’ll blow her up. That’s what I’ll do!) Did you deal well with meeting her?

Stefan: I didn’t *looks sheepish* I wanted to push her away.

Cadoc: To be loved by all of us…together…is…well intense. Mind-blowing, hair-raising, back breaking pleasure unlike you’ve ever known.

(No I’m going to cut her up piece by piece!)

Nero: And when you think we’re done, we’re not. We are never tired, will never get enough. All she has to do is breathe and we’re hard all over. For eternity, that is what she will get.

(Nope, chop her into pieces and then send her pieces around the world) How did you handle meeting her?

Stefan: I was a man.

Nero: What he means to say is he wanted to protect her. He wanted to give her chance to live instead of throwing her lot in with us. He made her the Dragon’s Ward, her life meaning as much as his. She would be protected from Roach, and anyone else, forever.

Oh, so that’s the deal what Dragon’s Ward?

Cadoc: Yes. He basically made her his charge. A child, or charge, of the Ryuichi is as prized as the King. No one would gainsay that. Didn’t matter much though. She wasn’t the Ward for long.

Stefan: No, not at all. I’ll love that wall she had you on forever Nero.

Nero: So will I.

Wall? What wall?

Nero: When she wanted to prove a point, she did. I chose her, and she chose me. By doing so she forced the others to realize they couldn’t be without her. 

How was that?

Nero: They got to watch her make me come. They got to watch me make her scream. 

(Oh the things I’ll do to that bi– oops! They aren’t mine. They aren’t mine!) Wow. You really lover her?

Stefan: Beyond anything.

 Cadoc: More than my swords, and that’s saying a lot when I’m the embodiment of protection.

Nero: She will never know how much, but I promise to show her, every second, every minute, every hour of every day.

(I’m dying. I’m dying. I can’t do this anymore) Well gentlemen, I do love that you came to join me today! I wish you the best with Brook and your people!

Stefan: No questions about what we do to her in bed?

Cadoc: You don’t want to know how many orgasms I can give her with my tongue?

Nero: You don’t want to know how we please her in every way?

Nope! Not at all. I’ll just read the book for that. Thanks soooo much for stopping by. Now where’s my vibrator?

Stefan: What was that?

Nothing. You guys have a great day! (I’m about to have sooooo much fun!)

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