The Lost Trilogy

The Lost Trilogy

eBook: $4.99

The way to love isn’t always paved in sweet words and roses. Sometimes it’s hard. Other times it’s violent. More often than not, it’s filled with heartache before the healing can come.

Read three stories of the struggle to find love in the darkness.

Call girl Celeste is addicted to sex and dangerous situations, the chance to love never factored in One Hour Girl.

River searched for a way to learn to kill, instead she fell in love with a killer in Scarred.

Aeryn only know how to take a punch and fall down, but when he found the woman of his dreams beaten and tossed aside, he learned to stand up and fight in Phenomenal.

WARNING: These books contain dark themes that may be triggers for some readers.

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One Hour Girl

One Hour Girl

$11.99eBook: $2.99

I’ve got a particular type of poison...

He thinks I’m his forever girl, I saw it in his eyes. I wished I could have slapped the look off his face with the same jarring finality that I’d learned I didn’t mean shit.

I’m not a forever sort of girl.

I’m not even his for the night.

He’ll be lucky if I’m his for the next hour if he doesn’t pay me for it.

And then Royce Mattherson stormed my defenses. Took all the poison inside of me and pushed it out through my pores. He tasted the taint on my skin and still decided to love me. He terrifies me. Exhilarates me. Frustrates me.

And he always gets what he wants


WARNING: While this is not a dark romance, the characters' pasts contain triggers and the fallout that comes from that. Please be aware of that when you purchase this title.

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eBook: $2.99

They told me about Ethan.

He’s no good.

He only knew darkness.

He’s a killer.

But that’s exactly what I need.

Only a monster can turn me into one. I’ve bled and screamed. I’ve been the victim too long. The scars that are visible only conceal the more painful ones on the soul. If he could help me save myself and learn to fight again, then he can have whatever he wants from me. My body. My soul. My heart. Later, he’ll realize that I had the better end of the bargain.

WARNING: This is a dark romance. It contains violence, filthy words, dubious consent, and potential triggers for readers. Please be aware of that when purchasing this book. This story is about being careful what you ask for, because you'll get exactly what you need, instead of what you want.

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eBook: $0.99

***This Book is a Novella in the Lost Series World***

I saw her when my face looked like ground meat.

She had one shoe, lost to the world, fragile, and so fucking beautiful I couldn’t look away.

And then she asked me to take her home. To take away the pain.

It was dangerous to make such a request. Not knowing who I was. What I could do. But I took her home. Did what she asked. And fell in love with her. Fell in love with the broken girl who twisted me up inside. Taught me I was worth believing in. Showed me that I didn’t have to lose in the ring anymore, because she gave me the strength to fight harder.

And then I lost her…

I’ve got to get her back. Fight for her. Win. Take what’s mine, and keep her.

***Previously released in the NOLA Naughty Nin9 Anthology***

WARNING: A gray romance with some harsh themes

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