Taken Trilogy

Taken Trilogy

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***A 3 Book Collection***

Taken by Lust

Selene wasn’t a fan of girls’ night out. Her friends were always trying to set her up with some man to break her long spell of loveless nights. When they brought Pietr to her, though, things changed. Suddenly, she was looking at a man who made her blood pulse. So she did what any self-respecting woman would do–she ran.

Right into the arms of a psychopath who tries to kill her. Now turned into something much more than human, and saved by the very man she’d run from, she’s forced to look at things in a much different way.

Taken by Desire

Sasha, prominent judge, and the last remaining single female of her trio friends, has a killer coming after her. She’s decided to leave her friends behind to keep them safe. That was until Cirro was involved. He’s denied her as his mate from the moment he saw her, but no one, absolutely no one, can hurt her without going through him.

Now he just has to keep his hands off her, and his heart under lock and key. But how? When his mate needs him in ways he can’t deny?

Taken by Need

Maddy has always thought she’d found her happy ending when she met Connor. Until, after a night of passionate love, her leaves her without a word. For two years she’s nothing but a mess, and learning to smile through the pain. Now Connor has returned, and he’s ready to have her back. But how do you give someone your heart when it’s already broken?

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