SO today I submitted my first page for the First Page Contest for the So You Think You Can Write 2013 ad I’m really excited to be a part of this. I did that at about 8 am this morning. Then, because the games never end, I was on at 9 am to 10 am  chat with editors Stacy Boyd, K Scheibling, Laura McCallen, and Dana Hamilton from Harlequin E!!! It was great, informative, and awesome experience.

i told from that Harlequin Digital is hungry for writers (new and old!!!), the #sytycw2013 contest is open for everyone, and the editors are some classy people. There is a meeting with the 50 editors and how to critique your synopsis coming next. I just can’t wait!!

i will keep you posted as things go along and share it with you

Happy reading and writing!


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