This morning things are already kicking off! Patience Bloom from Harlequin wrote an amazing article on the “Romance checklist”. It’s stuff every romance author should know but sometimes we forget, or get too lost to include. I’ll just give you the tips, you can read  the rest of the article on the site 🙂


1. Are your characters complex and/or interesting?

2. Does the conflict/romantic tension carry through the entire story?

3. Do you appeal to all 5 senses?

4. Is your romance emotional and intense?

5. Does you story have a strong sense of setting?

6. Is your manuscript professional?

7. How’s the pacing?

8. Do you have exciting chapter beginnings and endings?

9. How’s the sex?

10. Do you have a happy ending?


Well there’e the checklist. Be sure to read the rest of the article here so you can get the breakdown of every checkpoint.

But that’s not all! We were also reminded today about our First Page Challenge! The results are in tomorrow so no one wants to miss that. They pick several randomly to look over and edit. Let’s hope I’m one of the random ones.

We have a Blog chat about the Top 10 Reasons Harlequin Rejects, a Twitter chat about Hooks, another Blog chat on How to Write and Effective Villain, and a Podcast about Hero vs Hero where editors define and defend their favorite heroes. It’s another full day, on top of trying to finish this book, AND maybe having to go get my tires fixed…Long day!

But I promise to keep you posted 🙂


As always Happy writing and reading


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