So I got some really helpful advice today from Harlequin and I wanted to share some with you!


You’ve completed a manuscript. Hooray! Bust out the champagne, pat yourself on the back, share the happy news with your best friend, parents, mailman, dog, fourth-grade teacher…

Then get back to work. That’s right, back to work. Because you’re not actually finished. Not even close. Writing a book is hard enough, but there’s more to come with the dreaded R word: REVISIONS! Just as nothing in life is perfect, no first draft is perfect. Surely there was one chapter you worked on after a brutal, brain-cell-stealing shift at your day job, and reading over that part now feels equivalent to the depth of thought put into the personal message in your last birthday card from your four-year-old niece. You can do better! And we, the editors, exist to pull that better material out of you. But first we want you to give it your all and to learn from your revision process.

Yup, editors are sometimes like that annoying college professor who would never give an A+ just because. Well, it’s true—there’s always room for improvement. Writers and editors have the same goal of delivering the highest quality, most thought-provoking books to readers. Bottom line, you want it to be your best. To get there, you have to do more than a first draft. So what comes next? First, put down the manuscript for at least a week. Maybe more. You’ve been a slave to this thing for months, most likely, and you deserve a break from its intense demands. You’ve become too close to it, and you’ve probably lost sight of the meaning of certain scenes, characters, goals at this point. It can be mentally rejuvenating if you step away and come back to it later.

This should help a lot of us “pantsers” out there. I know it’s helping me!!! The day isn’t over so I’ll be posting more soon. Read the whole article here


As always, happy reading and writing


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