Hideki is a man of great fashion. He’s been in the States for quite some time, but his family came from money, and the South Texas Clan is rather rich. Each member of the clan bring in funds through some kind of work they do in the outside world. Hideki, is a computer programmer for some large bank clients, when he isn’t protecting the clan. The clan can boast a famous author, with Zelina, the Luna, mate to Alpha and Beta of the clan, a editor and publicist with Jezzie, the mate of Andrezej, Gamma of the clan, three nurses, a doctor for paranormals, and several other artists and investors. As a whole each clan member receives a stipend of the clan’s overall wealth as well as have access to their own funds.

Hideki chooses to live his live in luxury. He’s been known to study GQ and Vogue magazines to stay up with the latest trends, and acquire them. Those who didn’t know him may be inclined to refer to him as “metro” before they see the look in his eyes that promises death.

“A man should take care of himself, and take pride in his appearance. That is not something that should be labeled because every man should endeavor to do so.” ~ Hideki

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