I’ve been asked to do a Vampire guide, much like I did my Shifter Guide (which, by the way, I don plan on continuing, just waiting for more questions for material!) I thought it was interesting because, if you think about it, Vampires are shifters as well. Most could be considered panweres (ones that can take the shape of many animals) and, of course there is the whole drinking blood thing. Depending on if you make you shifters immortal or not, then even the immortality doesn’t make them different.

So, now I’m thinking that I need to make a Vampire Guide. Vampires, through, are so much more involved than shifters, simply because of their long history. There are so many different kinds of Vampires, that I could see that being a large endeavor, and would even require me adding some more lore to the Shifter Guide. I’m interested to see what I could do with it, to say the least.

What do you think?


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